Ahh! The joys of being irresponsible.

Yup. It’s done finally. I mean the Spring term of my course. I have a mini break of a week before I start the Summer term. I woke up today feeling giggly and happy for no reason. Then I remembered. I have no exam to study for. No paper due. No reading up to do. At least for the next two – three days and it feels like vacation.

I am already looking forward to the evening temple visit with UL – our yearly ritual. The weekend will be spent doing what I usually do every weekend except it will feel like vacation. πŸ™‚

I feel like getting an ice cream, catching a movie or reading a book. All of which I could have done anytime in the past few weeks except that the guilt of exams lay around my neck like a heavy stone. The joys of no responsibility are sweet!

Lovely Friday everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “Ahh! The joys of being irresponsible.

  1. Ahh, enjoy your vacation! :–)) Have fun! I can kind of relate. Seriously full time job plus studying is an overkill no? I am amazing how you do it.

  2. Nice. Enjoy maadi! I know what you mean by not doing anything around exam time – I would even refuse to trim my finger nails πŸ™‚

  3. enjoy the break laksh. sure have an icecream or two, movie goes with it and the book goes with the second icecream or even a good kaapi. oh yeah enjoy the temple trip today.God bless you and have a wonderful relaxing weekend

  4. I know how it feels… I wont do anything thinking that I need to study for the exam… but I’ll end up doing nothing at all, I wont even touch the book… then I’ll wish why I didnt study or atleast could have spent time doing something else… πŸ˜€

  5. Yaay! Fun time finally.
    I know…a day after exams are over is fun. All the things that you had planned you will definitely do after exams are forgotten about and you end up hanging out with friends or watching TV. πŸ˜‰

  6. @SK: Sure is overkill. The courses are getting tougher each term. I keep telling myself 5 more terms to go and am done.
    @Suman: I totally get what you mean.
    @Shy: It was not really a break but enjoyed it much
    @Selvi: Haha. Tell me about it. Exactly what I did today.
    @Shalu: Actually I spent all my time preparing for the mkt residency. Today was the only break time I had.

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