Wishes from miles away

Bubbly, breezy, she entered my life many, many years back. Till date, when I think of her effervescence is the word that comes to mind. While I wish her a lovely, lovely day and hope the year(s) ahead will be filled with joy for her. I want to share this video that I love and reminds me of her.

Happy Birthday!!!

9 thoughts on “Wishes from miles away

  1. Is it a theme this year to confuse me by posting a day early 😉
    thanks to you i know her and have come to cherish the relationship (don’t tell – thalaikku aeridum 😉

    Happy Birthday Dearest

  2. good wishes to the special person.
    I never knew of this song( not surprising because I don’t know many anyways), as I watched the song reminded of my mom because she was a teacher still loved my her students and their kids and their kids.

  3. Thanks a lot for the wishes Laksh – I love Jo and this song, nice pick 🙂 I had a really great day and all your wishes made it even more special.

  4. @Maggie: Not really. I just post it when I have the mood to write which turns out to be a day earlier. 🙂
    @Suman: It’s a fun song!
    @Shy: I used to have ‘crushes’ on my teachers and this song reminds me of my seventh grade teacher Mrs Mahalakshmi.
    @Manchus: You didn’t. 🙂 And Shy yes it is OK to wish her. 🙂
    @All: I figured Akay has responded to you all.

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