Layer by layer. It adds up.

Another year passed us by. Brushing over the blemishes. Masking the imperfections. Leaving behind the dull glow of burnished gold. That’s exactly how I think of the relationship K and I share. Ours is not the crash and burn chemistry. Nor is it a cloyingly sweet Yash Chopra movie.

We have our share of differences but with every passing year, I have trouble recollecting our last big fight. I watch him smile and talk in to the phone. His angular jaw making him look young and the smile reaching his eyes. I am struck by how much I am in love with him. I watch as he picks T Shirts out from a pile at the mall. Always reaching for the bright ones. I laugh as he holds it against himself waiting for my approval. I notice with laptop on my thighs, books strewn around me as he tiptoes around the room holding the fort till I am done studying.

As we make plans for his big five week trip to India, I am touched as he includes my old great aunt from my maternal side on the must-visit list. I sit silent as I watch my sister and him discuss programming for hours on end. I sit back and enjoy every weekend at my brother’s as he slips into his role of Athimber playing peek a boo with my niece or tennis with my bro. I watch him in a crowd always the last in line to pick food from a buffet table.

Every impression is savored, pressed like dry flowers in the middle of a book and stored away like a treasure to be smelled later, bringing back glorious memories of the past. As I look forward to the changes our life together will bring, I know we will weather the storms, drenched, yet alive and eyes dancing with love.

Happy Anniversary Darling Saathi!

45 thoughts on “Layer by layer. It adds up.

  1. Happy Anniversary to both you…Hearty Congratulations Laksh.
    Yayyyy…I am the first one wishing you here

  2. Beautiful post.Advance Anniversary Wishes!!!Wish you many many happy years of togetherness.Nalaikku enna plan.

  3. Taking hint from Anila’s comment, advance anniversary wishes to you and K. Wishing you and K many many lifetimes of togetherness..! Enjoyed every word of this post.

  4. hey, isn’t the date june 10. I was planning to post something for you by tommorow. rem to come over there..tomorrow Laksh!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and K! I still remember when your ‘new bride’ phase. You were one of the first friends here whom I reached out after landing in US.

    Enjoy your Anniversary and as you are already cherishing the moment by this post…continue doing so 🙂

  6. Ins’t it tmw? I am sure I don’t have the dates mixed up, having been there at the Giri Mandapam 🙂 Appa remembered that it was your anniversary tmw and asked me to pass on his wishes to you and K as well!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and K. Loved the post and very impressed at how beautifully you have captured another moment in time. Makes me wonder what memories mine will evoke…. 🙂

  8. Wishing you both a life time of loving fond memories and togetherness. I don’t know you personally but feel very close to you and wish from the bottom of my heart, every happiness and may your dreams and wishes come true. Lots of love and a big hug, enjoy your day tomorrow 😉
    As always very well expressed post 🙂

  9. hi laksh!!!
    Happy anniversary to both of you!! K seems to be a lot like my athimber….whose name also starts with K 🙂 U know, he does the same things you had mentioned….it was just like reading about him…anyway u take care and have a nice day!

  10. hey laksh..enjoyed reading every word of the write-up..Really romantic piece..Happy Anniversary to you and K..Enjoy.

  11. Hi Laksh,
    Wish you and K avery Happy Anniversary ! Wish this new year unfold lots of pleasant and happy events in your life! (My name is Lakshmi too, have been following your blog for sometime now and delurking now)

  12. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    >>Every impression is savored, pressed like dry flowers in the middle of a book and stored away like a treasure to be smelled later, bringing back glorious memories of the past.
    Wow! 🙂

  13. enjoyed your post….the micro details..wonder whether anyone can observe so much!once again my heart goes out to wish both of you a happy,healthy and a prosperous life!!

  14. Hey wishes to you and K, dear Laksh. Hope you had a wonderful eighth together, here is to many many more….


    UL & M

  15. Hi Laksh,

    That was a poetic post… wishing you both a happy anniversary and wishing you for more and more happy years of togetherness… all the best…

  16. @Hema: Thank you! Yayy!!
    @Anila: Thank you. No plans as you already know by now.
    @Suman: Thank you very much.
    @Shy: Yes it is. Thank you for the lovely song and wish.
    @Srividya: Thank you. Time does fly doesn’t it?
    @Hemani: Thank you!!
    @Manchus: Feels like a long time back now. I had a good time yesterday thinking of the good old times.
    @Madhu: Thank you much!
    @Akay: Yes dee. Thank you to your Appa too.
    @gayathri: Thank you much!
    @Radhika: Thank you. That reminds me we do have to meet up. There is so much I want to ask and know about you.
    @Letha: Thank you!! How are you? Been a while since we chatted.
    @Indhu: Thank you very much.
    @Kiran: Thank you very much for such a warm wish. I read it quite many times.
    @Sachita: Thank you!!
    @Vidya: Thank you!
    @rads: Yes it sure is. Guess the rush is to get children married before Aadi starts.
    @JS: thank you and thank you for the lovely poem.
    @selvi: Thank you very much.
    @vai: Thank you. Will ask K to read your comment. Your sister must be a lucky woman ;p
    @Sindu: Thanks da. Guess I haven’t changed much since school? 🙂
    @Archana: Thank you!
    @Shalu: Thank you!
    @sachita: 🙂 I figured at the rate at which I was adding plug ins I needed one just to refresh myself.
    @Lakshmi: Thank you for delurking and your wish. 🙂 Welcome here!
    @Laks: Thank you much!
    @Saras: Thank you very much. Gotta talk some time.
    @tbc: Thank you much!
    @Aparna: glad you liked it.
    @Sudha: Thank you!
    @Arch: It was fun. 🙂 BTW any word on Ramya?
    @Harini: Thank you deeee!
    @UL: Wish you the same. I know you had a lovely day.
    @Shankar: Thank you. I am intimidated by writing poems which is why I stick with prose.
    @Mitr: Thank you very much!
    @Saumya: Thank you. Wonder if you are A’s sis in law.

  17. @Hema: Thank you! Hope your anniversary was good too.
    @Hemani: Thank you. I hope so too. 🙂
    @Arun: Thank you for stopping by and your wishes. I owe you an email.

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