So, this is what they do!

Yesterday was last day of class for Marketing with the paper due next week. As we listened to the Prof. summarize the term for us, my mind was already racing ahead in the future wondering if ever I will get to apply these concepts at work. We got done early and the college was sponsoring hors d’oeuvres at the local brew house. As class wrapped up, I got ready to go home when one of the girls suggested I join. I had my trademark “No, I’d rather get home.” on my lips when on an impulse I said “Yes! why not?”.

Getting into my car on a crappy evening, I set out to the thisΒ brew house that is a nice combination of a bar, sports grill and good food. As I circled looking for parking, I was ambivalent about what I expected. To me such evening social get-togethers were alien. Tall glasses of beer intimidated me. I had no clue whom I was going to talk to and about what. I told myself I would leave in five minutes if I felt out of place. Walking up to the lobby, I noticed a crowd from our class gathered. As each person looked around, I found a hostess who said the college had asked that we go to the basement where there were pool tables, a bar and air hockey tables. As I walked down, a few people walked down with me while the others opted to stay upstairs. Reaching down, the basement was dimly lit, huge TVs on the sides and a few people at the bar. As I stood unsure, the group with me turned around and walked away. I trudged upstairs, cursing myself for having come. Debating on whether to leave or not, I spied the group walking down again. One final time, I told myself and joined them.

An good two hours later, darkness creeping in, I got into the car, smile on my face. I finally knew what cool, hip people did on evenings out. They sipped on drinks, ate greasy food and chatted. Yes. That’s all they did. πŸ™‚ I (hopefully!) made two new friends. I was glad I stayed and I am proud of clearing one more item on my to-do list before I die. Going to the bar with cool people.

10 thoughts on “So, this is what they do!

  1. good for you Laksh! Make sure you always listen to that voice that says, “One final time”. The voice that challenges you to step outside your comfort zone and helps you tick things of your to-do list. Have a good weekend.

  2. That was a cute post. The cuteness of how you discovered the so called coolness and wrote like like a delighted teenager.

    I somehow identified myself in it like when I have to attend these job networking events at joints like these. But over the time I realised it is more of a pity party and I stopped attending.

  3. Oh how wonderful you are :)Isn’t it amazing that until we go to such things our imagination lets us believe that what they do is cool and something that we want to achieve. Then it is a bit of a Oh ! is this it moment, we can deal with such mingling occasionaly, no big deal πŸ˜‰
    Keep the creative juices flowing ….

  4. LOL Laksh! I don’t drink / don’t eat greasy food but do this with colleagues
    just for the hangout/chatting part.It provides an opportunity of knowing ‘other’ sides of colleagues/teams etc. For a lot of folks I think it’s not about the ‘coolness’ but just their way of having fun no different than the way we all hung out at Pazhamudir Cholai/Nilayam after college. But yes I do sometimes have to jump through hoops to explain to people that I don’t drink. And thankfully I’ve never experienced an ‘uncool’ reaction to that one.

  5. @Suman: There is yet another thing I am ready to check off on my list. More on that next week. πŸ™‚
    @gayathri: Thank you. It sure was fun.
    @Manchus: I remember one pink slip party I attended years back and came back home pretty sobered up.
    @Kiran: It did take me a while to realize it was not a big deal. πŸ™‚
    @Vidya: Exactly my thought as I walked out. I remembered the “chaat” centers V and I frequented with friends across from Sivasakti theater. This was no different. πŸ™‚
    @Shalu: yep. My dream life!
    @Mads: absolutely. the key is to remember this is no different than an outing to Coffee Day or Corner shop ;p
    @Madhu: High time you made one girl!
    @Apar: Actually I did not drink. Ate some nachos and chatted away for a good while.

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