A rustic, light hearted, offbeat comedy

This weekend K and I caught this rather simple rustic tale on DVD. The movie is Welcome to Sajjanpur by Shyam Benegal. We picked the DVD at our local desi grocer. The name intrigued us as well as the reco that came with it. It sat on our coffee table for a week before we actually got around to watching it.

It was such a fun, heartwarming tale that it made me feel better about the fine we were to pay on it. The plot stars the sole educated (BA pass) guy in a village in Bihar. He makes a living as the letter writer for the village. As he translates the feelings and emotions of other people into the letters he writes, he gets caught up and crosses the line between their feelings and his.

To me the hallmark of the movie was the cast of characters that make up the village. While there is no villain or hero, the way the plot weaves through the lives of the tailor, the chaiwallah, the aunty with the manglik daughter, the widowed daughter in law of the subhedar, the lonely wife of a laborer away toiling in Bombay, the politician, Munnibhai make for interesting situations. The feel of a village is well captured and I was transported to the villages I frequented for vacations.

So, if you are in the mood for a light hearted, offbeat comedy, pick this up. You will not be disappointed.

7 thoughts on “A rustic, light hearted, offbeat comedy

  1. :-)))) Its one of my favorite movies. I just love the characterizations- so down-to-earth and amusing. I love such movies which have the ‘we are like this only’ air about them. Its refreshing to watch. Neither the story nor the setting was anything fantastic or wonderous, but it leaves a warm fuzzy long after the watch.

  2. The only saddest part of the movie was the ending of the widowed girl. Wish it was different.

  3. I normally dont watch too many Hindi movies, but Oquai loves them so Ive started seeing more than I used to. I think i am pretty uptodate, but Welcome to ….is one pending. Perhaps once he is done with his exam we will watch it!

  4. @Altoid: Absolutely. You echoed what I feel.
    @bpsk: Welcome here. Am sure such movies get released just that it never hits mainstream media.
    @Manchus: Haven’t watched too many of his movies. Will look for them.
    @roopa: I agree. But then, isn’t life like that?
    @SSQuo: Let me know what you felt after watching it. Saw your comment on Sa. Need to email you.

  5. I wanted to mention about Poo and was going to mail you. Since I saw this post I will write it here itself. It’s a movie starring a Malayalee actress and Srikanth. The heroine has done a wonderful job of portraying the character. I was really bursting out in tears at the end. (I don’t know why?)

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