Profound insights from mundane incidents

With only silence for company this morning, the deck door open, cool air wafting in, I set out to clean the mess that was my kitchen. Starting with the island, I wiped, washed, dried and turned my attention to the sink. Watching layers of dust and grime wash off, the actual feel of the metal against my skin strangely made me happy. Washing the microwave glass plate in warm sudsy water, I watched it slip from my hand. There was nothing I could do. It was a feeling of sheer helplessness. I could feel it slipping, my hands too soapy to get any grip. I watched it fall with a thud and my mind went into overdrive visualizing it crack into a million pieces. I could watch my next hour flash in front of my eyes picking up pieces and removing all evidence of its existence.

Thankfully I was spared and nothing happened. Patting my hands dry after a marathon cleaning session, mid morning cup of filter coffee in hand, I sat down to trap the words as they formed loose patterns in my head.

The mundane incident of the glass plate suddenly seemed to symbolize everything in my world. I imagine and re-imagine my future based on each event I have no control on. What if nothing happened? As much as I try to grip the present with my soapy hands and a sinking feeling in my mind, what if the plate actually does not crack. Sometimes clarity comes from unexpected quarters. Smiling, I whistled a tune as I tapped away on my keyboard. Its precisely moments like these that are worth capturing.

Have a lovely weekend!

9 thoughts on “Profound insights from mundane incidents

  1. I thought I was the only one who had moments of clarity like this, isn’t the feeling we get from such moments so precious and amazing. I am sure you must have had a nervous sweat as the plate slipped from your hands that happens to me every time I wash the microwave 🙂

  2. True, the mind races and wanders into the wilderness, sometimes leaving one exasperated and at other times leaving one delighted. Not sure if I made my point across.

    Nice analogy!

  3. Honestly, I am glad I don’t correlate mundane things to happenings in life. Think that my life is much of a mess already along with my thoughts, this would just make everything go haywire!!
    Though clarity coming in from such things would be welcome, knowing me – I doubt it would be clarity 😉

  4. As I was reading, I was thinking of the xtra glass plate that I have from the previous MW and thinkging could it be of use to you. But you don’t need it ..haha.

    I don’t think so deep Laksh.

  5. @SS: 🙂 back to you.
    @JS: Its nice na to actually relive it as your write.
    @Kiran: I was sure it would be smashed to bits. Funny enough I was prepared for the worst even before I knew what was going to happen.
    @Suman: I got what you said. 🙂
    @Shalu: Thank you lil one. ;p
    @Apar:Haha 🙂 Doesn’t happen all the time. Only when am by myself and overloading my brain with thinking too much.
    @Shy: Thanks for letting me know. Will call you if I end up breaking the glass next time I wash it.
    @Usha: Thank you! Coming from you. High praise indeed.

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