Shaking up my life

Back from a walk at the local park followed by dinner at the local Desi joint, K settled back on the recliner watching TV and I with my laptop. Digging up the drafts for a couple of recipes I had intended posting a while back, I worked on them when my childhood friend pinged me on GTalk.

By the time I was done chatting with her, I was filled with this incredible energy to shake up my life, to feel alive. To unleash that imp hiding inside me. When people tell me I have changed or mellowed down, I usually feel defensive. I feel this irrational need to justify my life.

Sometimes it happens that these friends voice the thoughts inside my head. It makes me want to reach out and give them a hug. For pushing me to be the best I can. I have no idea what is it I will find once I dust off the years of trying to fit in to my peer group.

Will I find the same girl with ambitions sky high? Will it be the girl with the curious appetite for all things untried? Will it be the person who can dare to be herself without trying to please every one around her?

I have no idea but I sure intend trying.

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