A walk around the block

Heading home after a fun evening with my niece, I pulled into our driveway to notice K was just in from his class. Sliding out of the car, I checked if he was up for a walk. Moments later, we set out in the chill evening air. As we went up and down the mild curves along our usual route we watched other couples walk hands linked ambling along or breathe furiously as they strode along at a brisk pace. K wondered why we never saw much of the Desi population our community boasts. Perhaps it was the lateness of the hour or the fact that all the people we knew had kids and it was probably bed time for them.

Rounding the bend at the top of the hill as we began our descent we took back our words. A voice from the shadows called out. It was a cheerful newbie to our community who also ran a parlor in her basement tending beauty advice along with facials. As we stopped and chatted, we noticed yet another person we knew cross the road with kids in tow. Seemed like a play date running really long. The kids were bright eyed and enjoyed crossing the road knowing mom’s watchful eyes were on them. Trading quips and laughing about how I never let K play tennis with her she left.

Saying bye as we strolled homeward, I realized how much I love this place I call home. The peaceful tree lined hill where our house is set. The chatty neighbours. The anonymity I sometimes craved. The live and let live attitude. There is so much I will miss if ever I leave here. As much as I crave moving and settling in a new place, I realize the K’s trademark contentment is rubbing off on me. A few more years and the morphing will be complete.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

4 thoughts on “A walk around the block

  1. We were just talking about going out on walks just earlier today when we took our son to the park. The feed back was we just don’t know were the time seems to go…. Good for you for walking round the block and feeling the contentment that you did, I do wish I feel that way some day. I like your last sentence, isn’t it amazing how much we become like each other, we truly become ONE !

  2. That sense of contentment is just great right? I feel the same, and its little wonder that when we first move into a place, it is awkward, unknown and such a stranger, and then slowly it becomes your friend!

  3. @Sujatha: Thank you. I do feel lucky!
    @Kiran: 🙂 Sometimes that is a scary thought!
    @SSQUO: Absolutely. Been thinking a lot about growing roots these days.

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