A different way of looking at things

These days, I watch ads on TV with a keen eye. Instead of the aesthetic appreciation that used to be foremost for me earlier, I dig deeper. I look for what message they are trying to push. Are they selling me a product, an idea, a perception? What is the intention behind the 30 second spot that they pay $$$ for?

If it is not evident already, this term one of my courses is on Marketing. Given my penchant for analysis, I find it enjoyable. I have a market survey due in a couple of weeks and I spent all evening yesterday looking for recent marketing campaigns that I thought were dicey. As I sat down to sum it all up in a draft paper for initial discussions with my prof, I realized how education opens our mind to possibilities. I have no clue if my future holds anything to do with influencing people to buy a certain product. I do know now that I will pause a bit before I reach out for the Green Works cleaner just because it says Organic or Green or some such catchy phrase on the bottle.

I never thought of myself as an academic or someone who enjoyed studying. I now realize the difference between studying and learning. This whole brush with academia is such a learning experience for me. Not just the subjects that I read about but of myself as a person. Each class makes me aware of my limitations and the possibilities.

As I sit on the stairway leading to the upper level of my home and type this out, I am grateful for the choices I have in life. Instead of rueing what could have been, I am glad I am out there doing what I can. It’s funny writing this because all my life I have found it easier to berate myself rather than give myself credit for something. Even positive reinforcement takes time and practice. As I learn something new and mull over it here, I hope others like me out there take a moment to pause and pat themselves on their back for something good they do.

Have a lovely day!

5 thoughts on “A different way of looking at things

  1. Hey L,

    Those were my exact thoughts the last couple of days…
    We learn so much more than the course itself.
    It feels so different from how we did our undergrad in India.

    I hope the difference is just between the engineering and management streams and that management courses are thought the same way in India too : With analysis and discussions and surveys and what not.

    This semester I have economics and it is so interesting.
    In fact I had completely forgotten that years back economics was my favorite subject and I had enrolled myself for arts stream in 11th std, but the principal made me withdraw that request and made me join the science stream coz it seems it didn’t look good for the school topper to be in the arts stream !!!!
    We Indians and our craze for engineering and medicine!!!!
    I hope that this trend will change slowly but surely in the years to come.

    We had to watch a series of documentaries to prepare for the economics class – these videos highlighted the major events in the last 100 years that changed the whole world and economists views on them.
    It is so beautiful to see history and economics (my 2 favorite subjects) merge in such a nice fashion.

    Sorry to hog your comment space 
    But it related to me so much …


  2. I love this post… kind of made me realize that we need to pat ourselves on the back at times…
    also, the difference between learning and studying – I agree whole heartedly 🙂

  3. We all deserve a good pat on the back, every now and again. It is a shame that sometimes we have to do it ourselves rather then our loved ones noticing and appreciating us first. Although having said that why not us we should why rely on others to do what we can. With regards to looking at things differently when you are studying I so agree with that, I have done many course arts related and each one has taught me to look at life and situations differently. We are always learning while studying ourselves….

  4. @Gayathri: Glad you enjoyed it. Some days are like that right? Incredibly alive.
    @Anamika: Thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment. Now am curious to know where you are doing your MBA.
    @Indhu: Definitely. It’s a lesson it has taken me a good part of my life to learn.
    @Kiran: Absolutely. The subject does not matter. Learning makes us open our minds to possibilities. I think. 🙂

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