The halcyon days of youth

This Sunday as Amma slept exhausted by the kitchen adventures, K and I settled in for a spot of movie watching. Having read Nita’s review on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na a long while back, the movie was on my list to see some day. As the movie started cliched and all, somewhere in the middle of the boy and girl fall in love, I was caught up in the movie. Nasrudhin Shah’s antics had me and K in splits. As the movie ended and I wiped away tears of laughter from the corner of my eyes, Amma woke up and we went on to other things.

Two days after watching the movie, it all came back to me. I loved the movie for the freshness in the kid’s faces. Finally, here was a movie about college kids that had actors who looked like college kids. It was refreshing. The mileau might be different but I related to the thin line between love and friendship, the corny jokes, the friends-for-ever feeling. I experienced the joys of growing up with many different groups all at once. My college, my NIIT gang, Wipro days.

As I relived the halcyon days of youth, I was reminded of another movie that appealed to me when I was a teenager. Varusham 16. It forever changed the way I looked at my annual vacations. The romanticization of the village. The sweet looking Karthik. There was a freshness to that movie that got lost in the countless other movies that aped the concept.

So, as I start my day reliving the days of my youth, here is a question for you. Which movie did that for you i.e, changed the way you looked at something for ever?

13 thoughts on “The halcyon days of youth

  1. Sakhi by ManiRatnam for me. It changed my perception towards marriage and living together with somebody for my whole life.
    Thanks for reminding this.
    You have a nice day.

  2. “Thavamai Thavam Irunthu” by Cheran touched me very much. I appreciated the movie both as a daughter and a mother.

  3. For me it was ‘Lakshya’ starring Hritik Roshan. Apart from being the War movie, I loved the dialog of Hritik’s Dad(Boman Irani) where he says, become anything in life, but make sure you are the best in what you do. If you are a grasscutter, be a good grasscutter.

    But of course as a teenager ‘Qyamat se Qyamat tak’ had a huge impact. I loved the concept of being in love and doing whatever may come for it. And of course I had a huge crush on Aamir Khan 🙂

  4. @SK: Yup! That was one movie I really enjoyed. For some reason Kadhalukku Mariyadhai comes to mind too.
    @Suman: and Anjali also made me view apartment complexes in a different light. For the longest time the apartment shown in that movie was my dream home right down to the low set dining area and the open kitchen.
    @Hema: Have not seen Sakhi. I have to catch it sometime.
    @Devi: I love most of Cheran movies. He brings a refreshing angle to common place issues.
    @Manchus: haven’t seen Lakshya either. Will catch it sometime. QSQT was definitely a trendsetter.

  5. Don’t know if any movie has made me see things in a different light, but many have left a mark on me. Provoked- a true story, Men of Honor, Something the Lord Made, Lajja, Alaipayuthe, Well…long list 🙂

  6. Hey Laksh..

    Sakhi is the Telugu version of alaipayuthe …
    nice topic …
    i can list so many movies …

  7. Soon after college, I watched the movie Astitva, which had a huge impact on me. It was after watching this movie I realised that right and wrong really cannot be judged categorically. Also a lot more about women’s emotional needs etc. which I’m just not able to articulate the moment, fell into place within my head.

  8. @Apar: I agree. Many movies have left a mark on me too. Some have radically altered the way I look at things.
    @Anamika: Thank you! I did not know that.
    @CP: I saw Astitva a few years back and it’s a good movie. One K and I kept talking about for a long time after we saw it.

  9. Hey there! Feels like ages! Long time no see!
    Well, I felt exactly the same when I watched that movie. But if you ask me for a life changing movie, I just can’t think of any right now although I know there have been. I just forget movies quickly! I think perhaps the influence happens and then I forget about it! I mean where it came from…!

  10. @Nita: I know! I’ve been following your posts though. I think you are doing a phenomenal job with your blog.

  11. Hi Laksh, its been a long time I came here. Your posts broke my dormancy. Truly touching posts Laksh. Hmmm for me I think the film Roja gave me that kinda feel. May be because of the songs which were magical!

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