Weekend joys

Squinting my eyes, I peered at the alarm clock. It was only 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning. Unlike most other weekends, I threw back the covers and started the weekend early. Walking down, I saw Amma already had the laptop open and was catching up on election results on The Hindu. Brewing a fresh pot of coffee, I sat down with her and got to speed. It did look like the congress would stay in power. Unsure of whether or not it was a good thing, I wondered if Manmohan would stay on or Rahul would be thrust at the helm.

Waiting for K to be up, Amma and I chatted about India, elections, shopping, cooking and pretty much everything under the sun. As I busied myself making lunch for her and K, she helped me get started with the mountain of laundry I had accumulated. It was just how a perfect weekend should be. Lunch over, we headed out for a spot of shopping before Amma left to India. Stopping to evaluate what would make decent gifts, we loaded our carts before we were done. Back home, cuppa chai in hand, we wondered if a walk might be good.

The skies were a mix of clear blue and ominous grey. On an impulse all three of us stepped out. Ambling along the neighbourhood, we enjoyed the greenery and the fresh air. On our way back, we took a detour to the tot lot. It was serenely calm. Plonking ourselves on the bench we chatted some more. Spying the empty swing-set, looking around to make sure no one was watching I indulged myself in a little childish fun. Swinging and praying the swing should not give away, I re-lived memories from the past.

Trudging back home, I whipped up a quick dinner and we called it a day. Sunday saw a repeat of waking early and the entire day was focused on the kitchen. Amma indulged me and made some of my favorite snacks. Thenkuzhal and puran poli. All three of us actively participated. Amma made the dough, K extruded it into the hot oil and I fried. Stacking two big boxes that will last us a good while I was amazed at how much energy we pour into the food for the people we love.

As the weekend came to a close I realized how much joy was to be had in the routine everyday moments. Simple sharing of chores, a synergy that resulted in a calming environ. Silence that speaks volumes. And a thread of love that bound us all.

4 thoughts on “Weekend joys

  1. Loved the last paragraph Laksh. Routine, it’s a funny thing, isn’t it? The laundry, the sweeping and the mopping, the mowing and the raking, seemingly mundane tasks that can sometimes make me wonder if I am living my life running on a treadmill, yet I need them for the stability, certainty, orderliness and the resulting peace of mind they entail.

  2. What a lovely tone to your weekend with your mom before her departure to India. Yes, the synergy of everyone pitching in and the love that goes into preparing snacks makes it so worthwhile. Counting the days until my folks arrive, now!

  3. @Suman: Absolutely! I love how you always sum up what I think so crisply!
    @Mitr: Ahh! That should be fun. Doing stuff together is always so nice.
    @Preeti: Which is what I love most about your posts. The joy in everyday life.

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