Struggling with words

An idea struck me at work while helping a friend. I was in the middle of something and could not take the time to pin the words down. Through the day I wrote and rewrote it in my mind. Finally in the middle of making lunch the next morning, I translated part of it to words. I played with it in bits and snatches all through the day and eventually at the end of the day in a fit of frustration sent it to Sneha of Sa – She Speaks. Back home, I shared it with K and warned him that I felt it was incomplete and not quite what I wanted to say.

Has this happened to you when you think you have this germ of an idea you want to act on. It hounds you all day and finally when you do act on it, the result is nothing like what you had envisioned? Sometimes I hold back and hang on to it a while longer in the hopes I can make it better. Other times, I let go and mourn the death of a good idea.

Or let it be for what it is. A rambling narration of thoughts trying to express an idea and leaving the reader to make sense of it. Hop over to this on Sa if you want to know what I am rambling about.

I know! I know! It’s almost weekend and it shows.

8 thoughts on “Struggling with words

  1. You are kidding – right Laksh? even the article that you struggled with was such a treat to read. Collars up!! I enjoyed the article, although I confess that my opinion of the topics you have addressed is different. I will hop over later in the day to comment.

    I can relate to the itch you have described Laksh – more often than not, writing doesn’t come as effortlessly to me. Takes a while for the right words to flow from my mind to the paper/word document. But when they do flow, there is nothing to beat that feeling.

  2. All the time! Of course, Murphy’s law usually works with me, and I end up unable to express myself just when I’m racing against time to submit a paper, or decide to write a Sa article (in the case of the articles, unfortunately, it’s often evident in my case). As for the article you sent us today, well, I think the views and comments on it speak for themselves, but it was truly incredible. 😀 😀 We love it.

  3. Totally agree with Suman…If this is the half-baked pie, can’t wait the fully baked one!!! Great read, Laksh. Good job!!

  4. Laksh,
    Very nice piece,I think it perfectly conveys what you are trying to convey. Keep writing!
    Ideas don’t really need to be complete. Sometimes small thought snippets are powerful
    and can trigger others and so on. Issues such as this are open-ended and as you chew on them they evolve.

  5. I loved that piece.You don’t have any problem in expressing yourself.I have a problem of expressing myself.I have lots of thoughts but i find it difficult to pen them down.

  6. Hi Laksh

    I am a regular at your blog and extremely enjoy reading it .
    I read both your articles in She Speaks.They both are very good.
    As Anila says you express yourself nicely and I like the way you narrate the things brief and clear.
    I feel the connectivity is missing in your recent article but not the shortage of words.
    After finishing reading the entire article and I went back to see where it started.
    Having said that I dont either mean you should only focus one thing at a time. Flow of thoughts anyway captured .
    Keep Writing and Have a nice weekend.

  7. @Suman: Would love to hear your opinion on the topic of the other post. For me writing is very impulsive I can’t sit and think before I write, the crux has to be in my mind and the fingers just do the walking.
    @Sneha: Totally relate to what you say. I am awful when I do stuff under pressure.
    @Devi: Thank you! 🙂 I am touched.
    @Sachita: Thank you. BTW loved your piece on the elections. I catch your posts on reader and never end up going over to comment. My bad!
    @Vidya: Thank you. coming from you, it is HIGH praise. 🙂
    @Anila: Thank you. Practice makes perfect you know ;p. You should write regularly on your blog.
    @Hema: thank you so much for your feedback. I guess that is exactly what I felt was missing. I knew I sent it in but was not satisfied.

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