Responsible for life. Mothers.

Chatting late into the night, Amma, K, my cousin and I got caught up on bunch of stuff. As we traded news from our lives I was reminded of years in the past when cousins met up at weddings and family functions and traded news about their lives. The laughter would ring out loud, the memories of growing up re-lived.

As we retired for the night, I lay awake for a bit before drifting off into dreamless sleep. I realized this cousin was one I had grown up with. One as close to me as my bro. Even if we did not talk every day or keep in touch, his happiness mattered to me. The little boy who was the darling of my grand parents was now a big guy. Literally and figuratively. A person who oozed confidence. As he talked of his plans for the future we weighed in with advice and concern. It was an enjoyable evening.

Waking up to winds howling outside, I walked around careful not to wake the sleeping souls. Brewed a cup of coffee for Amma. It was mother’s day after all. I looked at the world weary eyes in front of me. Face lined with wrinkles. Each line told a story. Pacing up and down waiting for me to be back from work as it turned dark outside. For the sound of Appa’s bike from across the road. For her little girl who was now out to face the world on her own. For the son who was leaving to far away lands. Each time one of us flew the nest the concerns were different. Year after year her life has been one punctuated by living our lives in her mind.

As we sat across sipping piping hot tea, munching on biscuits I was overcome with a love for her that surprised me. I wanted to reach out and wipe away those care lines. I wanted to let her know irrespective of how our lives turned out in the future, we were secure in the knowledge she loved us.

For every mother and mother-to-be I saw today, I sent out a wish for peace. For respite from the life long demands of parenthood. For one day to keep the worries aside. To just be.

9 thoughts on “Responsible for life. Mothers.

  1. What a lovely post laksh. Thank you for the wishes. And a BIg thank you to our mothers. I am sure Amma enjoyed your kaapi

  2. Absolurely awesome post..each and every line echoing emothions..well written and a thanks for your wishes..

  3. Laksh- What a beautiful post! & the most beautiful of all the words are 4 that make the title. They are so true- very well captured! Thanks for your wishes. Hope you had a good day with your mom.

  4. What a befitting post for this memorable day!! Thank you for the wishes. Convey my wishes to her as well.

  5. As usual a loverly post, Laksh. After reading, all I wanted was to go and give my mom a big hug, knowing that what a sea difference she made in my life. There is such a security in the cocoon of love, which only moms can provide.

  6. What a heartfelt and touching post Laksh. I guess the care lines and laugh lines are part of the same package. Can’t pick one and leave the other one out. Motherhood sure is an intense state of being – in love and in pain. Hope you and your amma dear had a lovely day.

  7. @Shy: Thank you. I hope Amma did. Was not the best but tons of love went into it.
    @Sindu: Thank you. Hope you had a lovely day.
    @Devi: Thank you. Yes! I had a good day. Mom’s never have a respite from their responsibility do they?
    @Manchus: Will do. Thank you too!
    @Hemani: Absolutely. Hope you told your mom. :0
    @Suman: We did! And yes the laugh lines and care lines come as a package. Nice way to look at life.
    @Aarthi: Thank you for leaving a comment. Most welcome. Hope you had a good day.
    @Hema: Thank you. Hope you had a lovely day.

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