What About YOU?

Preeti had this post on her blog yesterday. I caught it on the reader and meant to go back and read it fully. Back from my marketing class waiting for my rather late dinner to be digested, I logged in and went blog hopping. Of course, knowing me this was one I couldn’t resist taking. She poses this question “What do you think about YOU?” I know we all have opinions about other people in our lives but how many of us actually consciously think about ourselves objectively?

I realized contrary to most people, I do spend a lot of time thinking. As I brush, as I shower, as I walk, as I cook. Any time I am not at work or studying is ‘me’ time. I think about my life, my past, my present. I am forever comparing, contrasting and making connections across time. Yet, looking at the simple list of questions Preeti has up, I was stumped to know I actually don’t know the answer to one. I can take a guess but I don’t really know for real.

Here is the list of questions she poses. Not many really.

I am—
My best friend thinks I am—-
My ambition—-
I am inspired by—
If I ruled the world I would—-
If I had one wish I would—

Each time I read these, I came up with different answers. This is what am thinking as I type this.

I am— bold and beautiful
My best friend thinks I am—- I really don’t know. I should ask her!  I’m back! She thinks I am genuine, dependable and someone who smiles with her eyes
My ambition—- to be an author
I am inspired by— people who find inner peace
If I ruled the world I would—- abolish borders
If I had one wish I would— be a mother

If like me these questions intrigue you, leave your answers in the comment or make a post of it an let me know or email me if you do not want to put it up.

Happy Friday!!!!

8 thoughts on “What About YOU?

  1. I am who I am
    My best friend thinks I am nuts (most of the time)
    My ambition is to be ambition-free (balanced)
    I am inspired by words
    If I ruled the world I would go insane
    If I had one wish I would capture my mind…

    nice to see Ps again, I keep encountering her here- thanks to you Laksh, enjoyed this tag.

  2. You must write a post in bold at your Other blog redirecting people here! From your blogger profile i went there and looked for this and when i couldn’t find it, i saw the tiny little link on the right redirecting me here!
    Glad u liked it enough to put it as a post on your blog.(and linking–you’ll be surprised how many just copy and don’t link)
    I too would abolish borders..an being a mom is great but it is so much hard work! Every single thing changes!!

  3. I am – myself, naan nathadhum roja indre pookanum type… I just cant simply wait for things to happen on its own.
    My best friend thinks I am – I dont consider anyone as my best friend now, because best friends always end up hurting each other.
    My ambition – is to be a housewife.
    I am inspired by – nothing, no one, except by me myself.
    If I rule the world – I’ve never thought of this before. (I always think what I’ll do if I’m God or if I happen to be his consultant).
    If I had one wish I would – want a time travel machine.

  4. Laksh:

    I make rapid links between things so marketing –> management –> OB –> JoHari Window. That is an interesting fuller exercise 🙂 If not already familiar, do look it up.

  5. Nice one Laksh. Here are mine:

    I am— an average person with my own strengths, weakenesses, convictions, attitude, and eccentricities.

    My best friend thinks I am —- the best person she could have buddied up with 🙂 yes, she is a sweetheart.

    My ambition—- is to live in the present and make the most out of what life has to offer.

    I am inspired by— a lot of things, but most of all “resilience”.

    If I ruled the world I would—- be a miserable person. I would blame myself for everything from swine flu to world hunger.

    If I had one wish I would— wish for many wishes. Wishes should not be limited because if you believe, you get what you wish for.

  6. @PS: I did. Thank you for pointing that out. I thought I had redirected readers here but I guess I messed with that blog after that and forgot the redirect part. Preeti – I really enjoy the way you write. It feels honest and down to earth.
    @Selvi: Interesting thoughts. Sorry to hear of your experiences with best friends. Me and Akay have been through rough times but we always did find a way out of it and bounced back together.
    @Shefaly: Thank you. Will definitely look it up. Read your post on pink slips and it set me thinking.
    @Suman: Your responses are so “you”. It freaks me out that I actually seem to ‘know’ you.

  7. Laksh says “If I ruled the world I would—- abolish borders”
    Hmm,with your MBA going on and hearing that you aced Ecomonics, if you ruled the world,I thought, you would come up with your own Economic Stimulus package etcc. Please dont abolish borders, we already have enough “Undocumented workers” and dont want more to compete 🙂

  8. @UL: Knowing you, I can totally relate to what you say about yourself.
    @VillageBoy: Well! if there were no borders there would be no documents needed either. 🙂

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