Let’s skip the small talk!

It’s now happened two days in a row. I was in the car when my phone buzzed. Picking it up to say Hello to our family friends from Madras, I enquired about their family. As I cleared my throat to update them on what was happening at our end, I was pre-empted by the friend saying “Oh! I follow your blogs. So I pretty much am up to date on what is happening in your life!” Happy to be excused from initial small talk we got to the actual reason for the call.

Today my friend from school, the one whom I had written about here emailed. Thrilled to see an actual personal email, I read with glee. As she brought me upto speed on what is happening at her end, she finished by saying “Guess the blog pretty much does the job of keeping in touch for me. :)”

Now, while I am sometimes happy I don’t really have to go through the “I’m well! Are you well..” talk, I some how feel cheated out of the opportunity to talk about my day or just talk about inane stuff. 🙂

Fellow blog owners, does this happen to you? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Let’s skip the small talk!

  1. Ohhh yes, I get that too. Recently I was at a wedding, I was just telling something, when the guy goes, oh yes I know I have read your blogs!! :–)
    You blog, your privacy is gone, its a given

  2. Hehe. So I do the next best thing. I blog every few weeks. Of course, my being lazy has absolutely nothing to do with it :O


  3. @SK: LOL! I was not thinking privacy. That is a given. What I was wondering about is the opportunity to talk about the everyday stuff. Not that am cribbing. I do have some lovely friends.
    @Gauri: Thanks for stopping by. Hopped over to your blog. Was a fun read. Added to my reader. Hopefully your next post is on the way.

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