Where did the night go?

Waking up to the sounds of K bustling around downstairs I realized I had a splitting headache. Grudgingly pushing back covers, I brushed and headed downstairs. K was on his way out. Downing the trusty Advil with my morning kaapi, I settled down on the couch to relive the day past. I tried to keep sounds to a minimum as dear Akay was asleep upstairs. Yes, she is visiting me and we had a great time catching up. After a day centered on lunch and girlie stuff, I headed to class with Akay in tow. Seeing her come into her own in class brought back memories of classes in Bangalore. Her sparkling eyes taking in everything, hands scribbling notes, furrowed brows as she prepared for exams. Hair up in a tangled knot as she focused solely on the task ahead. Driving back home a little over 9:00, we had a quick dinner and shooing K off to bed settled in semi darkness, comfy in semi reclining positions and went ages back. To a time when we were naive, trusting kids having a great time in a city away from home. As we touched on the highs and lows of our association in Bangalore and slowly shifted focus on our current lives, it was a touching moment to know we have been through much together.

Friendship like flowers wilt without care. I cherish the fact that she is an anchor in my life I can tie events, memories and lessons to. As I wait for another fun filled day of walking around, exploring the sights of the city and generally goofing around, I also realize that the person I see today has grown and evolved into someone I know but don’t really know. The capacity of humans to adapt, morph and fit right in amazes me.

So, while I enjoy my time with my best friend, here is wishing you all a lovely weekend.

6 thoughts on “Where did the night go?

  1. Wow! Akay is in Philly. Now I know why it went to VM when I called her yesterday to return her call. Will call you this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend with Akay.

  2. @Suman: Absolutely. Specially friends who know you inside out. 🙂
    @Chill Pill: I know. Thank you. HOpe your weekend was good too.
    @Manchus: Guess we got caught up on the details today.
    @Mads: Thank you. Looking at the pic you have on your Orkut album made me feel the same way.

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