An invite I am proud of

A couple of days ago, I was greeted by an email that had me grinning ear to ear. Sneha of Sa – She Speaks wanted to know if I could write on a regular basis for them. Now, as I forwarded that email to K and Amma, I was thrilled beyond belief.

Sa writes on topics close to my heart – Feminism and empowerment of women. I look at the team behind the Web-zine and wonder what on earth I was doing in my college days when I could have been much more proactive and spent my energy on things like this. I guess it is time to make amends.

Even as it sinks in that some body other than K and Amma actually think I can contribute something of value, I’d like to plug for my first entry at Sa here. Hop over and let me know what you think.

13 thoughts on “An invite I am proud of

  1. Congrats!!!It is indeed a great honor to be a part of Sa.Well deserved.I loved your first article.

  2. @Anila: Thank you! I am proud too.
    @Sneha: Thank you for stopping by here. Am waiting for an idea to strike so I can get started on my next post.
    @Suman: 🙂 Thank you!
    @UL: Thank you. Background?
    @sachita: Thank you! So, what did you think of it?
    @SSQuo: Thank you. I did! Loved your article about your sis.
    @Mitr: Thank you!
    @Bavani: Thank you. I am thrilled too. Just hope I can deliver under pressure ;P
    @Kala: Am thrilled you stopped by and left me a comment.
    @Sudha: Thank you!!
    @Mads: thank you!!!
    @Saras: Thank you!

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