An invite I am proud of

A couple of days ago, I was greeted by an email that had me grinning ear to ear. Sneha of Sa – She Speaks wanted to know if I could write on a regular basis for them. Now, as I forwarded that email to K and Amma, I was thrilled beyond belief.

Sa writes on topics close to my heart – Feminism and empowerment of women. I look at the team behind the Web-zine and wonder what on earth I was doing in my college days when I could have been much more proactive and spent my energy on things like this. I guess it is time to make amends.

Even as it sinks in that some body other than K and Amma actually think I can contribute something of value, I’d like to plug for my first entry at Sa here. Hop over and let me know what you think.


Author. Parent.

13 thoughts on “An invite I am proud of

  1. @Anila: Thank you! I am proud too.
    @Sneha: Thank you for stopping by here. Am waiting for an idea to strike so I can get started on my next post.
    @Suman: 🙂 Thank you!
    @UL: Thank you. Background?
    @sachita: Thank you! So, what did you think of it?
    @SSQuo: Thank you. I did! Loved your article about your sis.
    @Mitr: Thank you!
    @Bavani: Thank you. I am thrilled too. Just hope I can deliver under pressure ;P
    @Kala: Am thrilled you stopped by and left me a comment.
    @Sudha: Thank you!!
    @Mads: thank you!!!
    @Saras: Thank you!

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