Brimming with life

Waking up to the sound of gently falling rain, I was amazed at the bird sounds from right outside my window. One of those days when I am happy to be awake, I skipped downstairs to get a head start on the day. I threw open the curtains and flung the deck door open and saw something like this.

It makes my heart skip a beat and I feel incredibly alive. I love it when the bare trees start humming with life and everything looks so… verdant!

6 thoughts on “Brimming with life

  1. I always love pictures of your backyard. It is so beautiful. We have a crabapple tree in our backyard. My daughter and I got a bird feeder few weeks ago and put it up there. Now we keep watching the birds as they tweet and fly all over. She loves to see if they are eating their food.

  2. That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    At our place, flowers have fallen and leaves are out – that was a week ago
    As my li’l niece put it- pink petal carpet!

    Your backyard is beautiful! I am sure with such a start, your day must hv been great,

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Love love the sight of fresh baby leaves and perennials sprouting. Our tulips have finally started flowering… such joy to see!

    Note: Reading your blog is a fun way of improving my limited vocabulary.

  4. @Rekha: Your backyard sounds just as charming. Do put up pics. Pretty please?
    @Shy: Thank you!!
    @Just Someone: Sure was a lovely day. Wish this rain would stop now. The pink petal carpet paints pics of fall for me.
    @Mitr: I know!
    @Suman: Coming from you, it is high praise. Thank you!

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