Leaping out of my frame

Unlike many other days in my recent past, I was up super early and fiddling around with my Windows Media Player. As evidence of the fact that I had not been near my desktop since the new laptop made an appearance in our home, the version was outdated and in the midst of tying up my shoe, I started the update process to bring it up to par. Tiring of the really long update process I was about to step on the treadmill song or no song when the process completed and a spanky new player opened up. Fingers moving by default to pick the good old sahasranamam, my eyes caught the new layout which listed all music I had on my desktop. Curious, I clicked and was thrilled by the treasure I found.

Somewhere over the last few years, I must have had the time to search and download obscure but loved numbers to my disk. I had forgotten they existed. Trading devotional for peppy tamizh numbers, I was lost in my world. I had also forgotten what a treasure the shuffle feature was. Just as I mellowed down with a soft number, I would be charged by something foot tapping. As I groaned over something that was not my particular favorite, the next one would make me forget the world. As I furiously walked my mind was eons away being serenaded by this or my mind’s eye was lost in memories of trips to my ancestral village as shown here.

Each song made the inner me leap out and twirl around a la Madhuri style. I imagined me running hands outstretched in stretches of green paddy fields or letting my hair down over energizing beats. Every time I cringe at the movies when the lead character dreams and we are transported to a dream sequence. For once I thought may be it is not as far fetched. If my mind had a life of its own, I would be one bubbly soul breaking into song and dance everytime something touched me.

As the wisp of air that I imagine my mind/soul to be settles back into the staid me, I look forward to the next escape.

2 thoughts on “Leaping out of my frame

  1. Good one, me being me ..I cannot resist asking , did you run on the treadmill or do a dance number 🙂

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