Struggling with Stats

Getting home after a rather long day at work, K and I managed dinner on leftovers and I sat down with my homework for the next day’s class. Reading out each problem aloud, I lifted my head to see if K was listening and if he would respond. Given his love for anything related to numbers and logic, it was no surprise he listened and intently. As I converted the English to statistical notations, it was a delight to see him wince when I said something wrong. Or his delight when I struggled with and made the correct connections.

His voice booming when I seemed to lack basic comprehending skills, he looked like someone overwhelmed. Time flew as I scribbled on my notepad and he wrote key formulae for me to remember and use. Closing my notebook after I had scratched out the answers to the last question, I felt relief. Some things cannot be forced. It was seeing the pain and delight in his eyes that reinforced how removed I was from anything that involved thinking so much that it hurt my brain. Give me words and creative ideas any day I thought.

Getting ready for class, as I gather my books and notes, a smile plays on my lips as I remember rather fondly the one person who really invests his time and energy so I can do well in class. Every frustrated sigh and angry scribble in my notebook is proof of the love I am surrounded by. As I get ready for midterm exams next Tuesday, I can’t help but feel anxious about the struggle this weekend is going to be. And for one moment, I am happy that it is K who will struggle with me.

4 thoughts on “Struggling with Stats

  1. Good Luck with your exams and make sure you wear a full sleeves, with all formule (plural I guess) written neatly in your hands,with Kanna’s Help.

  2. @Shy: Not much reading happened over the weekend though! So tuesday is when I will be slogging it out.
    @Anila: Thats true. πŸ™‚
    @Villageboy: Thank you! Full sleeves not needed since this is opne book πŸ™‚

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