Brightening the day with a bit of bling

As it happens every Monday morning, I was in a hurry packing food and showering before heading out of the house. In what seems to be my oasis in the madness of the morning, I lingered over my vanity mirror brushing my hair or taking a moment to apply eyeliner. As I opened the drawer to replace my hair brush, my eyes fell on the earring that Suman gifted the day before. I was torn between rushing out and taking the time to pair it with what I had laid out for the day. Giving in to the impulse I smiled as I slid them on. I swapped the maroon top for the one that I had picked initially and changed the pant to go with it. Dumping myself into the car while K reversed out of our driveway, I couldn’t help smiling at the little things that add a dash of color to an otherwise drab day.

Have a lovely week all!

3 thoughts on “Brightening the day with a bit of bling

  1. Beautiful posts – on the events and the reliving of the moment, those danglers will definitely keep the moments alive…

  2. @UL: I know. Each time I open my vanity drawer I am reminded of our get-together.
    @Roop: Coming soon! đŸ™‚

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