When virtual worlds spill over into the real

This past week saw a flurry of emails between a few of us who are friends online and offline. We were making plans to welcome a blogger friend to our part of town. Suman of Thoughts Unlimited was here over the weekend and the lovely UL of Diaries hosted her. Anamika and I got to meet the two of them and it made for an evening of food and fun.

I have often pondered if blogging really is of any consequence other than to ruffle feathers occasionally on issues of privacy. I have on occasion felt perhaps Musings will die a slow death. These thoughts come and go every now and then. When Suman said she was going to be visiting, I felt thrilled and a wee bit anxious. I have this image of her built from verbal sketches on her blog. I was eager to find if the person matched the image I had in my head. I was also worried the real life meeting would spoil it for me virtually.

So, Saturday evening laboring over my ‘finally’ decent recipe for pudina pulav, I transferred the steaming hot rice to my trusty Pyrex and ran upstairs to get dressed. Earlier in the day at the mall I was toying with the idea of getting charms bracelets for all four of us as a souvenir of our meet. I looked around and did not find anything I liked. So, I thought it was not meant to be.

Driving over to UL’s K and I listened to music from Sur and were pretty upbeat as we parked. Noticing we were the first to arrive, we let ourselves in and got caught up when Anamika arrived with her family. Clutching packs of pav and a Pyrex containing the baaji we piled around the kitchen island arranging the food and waiting for the rest to arrive. Over juice and drinks, we exchanged blog notes and talked about the recession. In a bit the bell rang and Suman and co were there. She looked every bit of what I had imagined and had the sweetest voice to boot.

As she and her family got settled we got the dining table set. Suman had bought us each a pair of dangling earrings. They were lovely and we all put it on and clicked pictures as a group. I realized how easy it felt to fit in. Any body watching us from outside would have found it hard to imagine us as people meeting for the first time. There was so much shared past and stories told and untold that linked us.

As K and I left waving bye that night I realized that the words I leave on here are footprints on the sands of time. They link me to much more than my past. They are a living, breathing extension of me online, as is every other blog I visit. Whether or not I meet my readers and fellow bloggers in person, the act of sharing my life and sharing in their lives binds me to them. In many ways the virtual world spills over to the real.

7 thoughts on “When virtual worlds spill over into the real

  1. oh Laksh! thank you for giving the first hand report of the get together. glad to know you all had great time. cant wait to see the pic with ear ring!!

  2. nicely put! Agree with you on the feeling before the meeting and after.I felt the same about Suman! Exactly matched my mental image – orkut pictures helped a lot in forming the mental image! You summarized blogging accurately!

  3. Laksh-
    I stumbled upon your website through Suman’s website a few months ago and have been visiting it regularly since. I have to say I am intrigued by your writing and thoughts, I feel we have lots of similarities…(in many ways and in our experiences). I love the way you vividly describe even the smallest details in your posts. Amazingly, these give it so much depth and sparks our interest to read on.
    I have always wanted to comment, and when I read your post today, I could not stop 🙂
    Suman is my husband’s cousin, and is probably one of the nicest and most most cheerful people I have met in his family. I could totally visualize her the way you described her in this post. I am happy you all got to meet and ‘renew’ your friendship.


    P.S. I am wannabe writer and reading yours, Suman’s and other blogs has spurred me to start soon..which i hope to one of these days.. 🙂

  4. I always imagine how it would be if I would meet up with any of the bloggers that I so regularly visit, one of them being you ofcourse. I just love the way in which you write and make us feel as though we are there with you. It is so amazing how we have so many things in common yet we are so different. I am glad you had a good time meeting up, and I really would love to see the earrings that you were gifted. Please don’t stop writing, you don’t know how much you are helping women all around the world 🙂 May you go forward from strength to strength.

  5. @Nandini: The rate at which it is growing, I will be in that list too 🙂
    @Shy: Hope you had a good birthday and got to see the pics.
    @Anamika: I’d forgotten about the orkut pics. No wonder the image matched :p
    @Devi: Welcome here!! Hope to see you blogging soon. Glad to have been able to spur you on too. It is always nice to know that we are able to relate by our shared experiences.
    @Anila: It sure was!!
    @Kiran: Thank you! I would definitely love to meet you someday too. Some of the stories you share with your recipes reach out to me.

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