To nice new beginnings!

I was on my cell phone catching up with my sister after a long  time. I heard the home phone ring and saw it was my FIL from India. Hanging up in a hurry, K and I settled on the couch with the phone on speaker. “Happy Vishu!” said my FIL and went on to explain how he decorated the picture frame of Krishna and kept a mirror and loads of fruits in front. As he talked to us, we could sense his restlessness as he waited for his precious granddaughter to come home for her “Vishu Kaineetam”. After blessing us with a long life and plenty of happiness and material successes he hung up.

In the moments before sleep took over, I remember Tamizh New Year’s day as one vastly different from the ones my in laws celebrated. Vishu was something I had only heard of from my aunt’s in laws. It was a day filled with wishing people and devouring vadai, payasam and vepam poo pacchadi that amma made. It was also the day the new panchangam was opened. New clothes made an appearance too. And the TV programs.

So, today as I stopped before my small cabinet filled with an assortment of pictures and figurines, I realized how much I had become part of ‘their’ family. Vishu did not sound as strange. I even looked forward to decorating a picture and celebrating new beginnings with as much glee as my FIL exuded over the phone. I was half tempted to ask my sis if she did anything ‘their’ way.

While I mull the pleasant changes in my life, here’s wishing all of you a very happy ‘Virodhi’ varusham. May this year bring plenty of joy, peace of mind and happiness all around.

Iniya Puthandu Nal Vazhthukkal!!!

13 thoughts on “To nice new beginnings!

  1. Growing up we used to do the same thing in my house, dressing up the Guruvaayoorappan picture and having a spread of fruits and other stuff, waking up but not opening your eyes and opening it in front of God, and looking at everything through a mirror – it has been a while since I did that though. I am making a mental note to do it next year, atleast!

    Happy new year!

  2. Happy Vishu Laksh 🙂

    And “to nice new beginnings” to you too 🙂

    I’ve been up since early this morning to make a variety of dishes for our meal and some payasam later – the house is filled with bhajans and the beautiful smell of incense 🙂

  3. Iniya Tamizh Puttandu Vazhthugal and Vishu Aashamshagal!!

    A strange name indeed for this year..’Virodhi’. Maybe the recession was predicted long back 🙂

  4. Happy Vishu to you and your family.
    I learnt something new today, I did not know that the new year was celebrated now, I thought it would be after Diwali like we do. Thanks for teaching me and giving me such a wonderful visual image from your words of what it must be like. You are also right it is amazing how there rituals and ways of celebrating festivals soon becomes our 🙂 from I / me to US !

  5. @Shy: Thank you! Wish you the same!
    @JS: Haha! It’s fun right? I remember the time when I promised I would never become ‘them’. 🙂
    @Anila: Wish you the same!
    @Sudha: Thank you! Hope you had a good varusha pirappu too.
    @Akay: Interesting! I thought this was specific to folks with a mallu heritage.
    @Bav: Could picturize your home with wisps of incense in the air. Happy New Year!
    @Amma: Thank you! Noted and corrected.
    @Manchus: Very possible! Smart people our ancestors.
    @Laks: Thanks da! Hope you had a good festival.
    @Kiran: Most welcome. I enjoy reading about other regional new year days too. I suspect it has to do with using the lunar calendar.
    @Shalu: Wish you and your family the same!
    @Abi: Thank you!!

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