Have you been touched?

By the recession lately I mean. A couple of weeks back I was logged into Gtalk as I flitted between making lunch and catching up on news one weekday morning. Hearing the familiar ping of an incoming IM, I switched windows to be pleasantly surprised by a friend from my undergrad. Career and motherhood had all but ensured that she had disappeared from my life. As we exchanged pleasantries, she queried “Has the recession affected you?”

I struggled to put in words what I thought. No. I have not been personally affected but yet I have been touched by it. Friends and loved ones have lost jobs. I have seen pay freezes and seen people I know take pay cuts. I have seen people put spending on the back burner as they reevaluated their now diminished 401K values.

I felt the 2001 recession affected me much more than the current one. Images of applying and waiting to hear from recruiters still haunt me. That phase affected me more than anything else. So much so that I have taken it as a mission to help as many people as I can if I know we have job openings at work or if I know of some place that is hiring. Sometimes I wonder if I put people off by appearing too eager to help them. How do I explain that feeling of “I have been in your shoes and I know the helplessness…”

Anyways, back to what has been affecting me for a few days now. The media has been rife with images of people losing homes, losing jobs, struggling to make payments. Have any of you seen any upside to this whole economic phenomenon? Like people spending more time with family, planning vacations that are big on together time rather than places seen. Or an opportunity to change careers or start a business. Has the ‘desi’ mentality of saving paid off?

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Have you been touched?

  1. HI Laksh

    NO!!! You have not put people/me off at all – I was so touched by the help you offered. I even told my hubby about it and if/when the time comes, we may even take you up on your offer if we have to move out of Boise. You are doing a wonderful thing by helping. Have a wonderful weekend woman 🙂

  2. Well, if not anything, recession has left me confused!
    Actually, we are supposed to choose subjects in our next semester and I had made up my mind on the same. But now, many of our lecturers are asking us to “re-think” our decisions since the subjects we chose might not have much scope now due to recession! Funny right? To see the extent of recession!!

  3. Had been hit by the recession of 2001 and now! Was trying to find a job then, never landed one since then!! Well, you know the entire struggle. Sometimes, I wonder how people bounce back! Friends like you matter!! Trust me! 🙂

  4. I have been impacted positively and negatively impacted by the economy Laksh. My company’s business belongs to the category that can be called as recession proof. Not that we have not been hit by the economy, we have been but we are growing at the same time. So the support I provide has grown exponentially, which is a positive thing. I say negative because some of our benefits have been scaled down and my team has lost headcounts etc. I remember the 2001 recession too. I graduated when the economy was just picking up. At macro level, based on anecdotal references and from what I see on day to day basis, what we are going through is truly enormous. This too shall pass.

  5. new kid on the block (new blogger that is) and happened to see your site on another blog i visited. a very lovely post. and loved the poll! 🙂

  6. Yes we have been touched, it is amazing how this crisis the world over is effecting everyone. It is not only a finical thing, it effects relationships and our own self esteem as well, hence it is very important to have such wonderful and open and honest people like you in the world 🙂
    The best way is to ride it out or my favourite sentence for this year – go with the flow – that is the only thing we can do and try and stay focused and positive, take it as a learning experience.

  7. Laksh, today I have been touched twice over. R also got laid-off. So we both are looking. Oh man!! when will there be a upturn??
    Wanted to talk to you, but now got to be more wise with cellphone mins 😦 Will call you on Saturday morning.

  8. @Bav: Thank you! I hope you never have to move because of necessity but rather because it was your choice to move. :)Hope you have had a wonderful week.
    @Shalu: Wow! That is some impact. I am mulling over my choice of courses for the summer term. The economic scenario is definitely one worthy of studying in detail.
    @Apar: Absolutely! If not for friends who kept my spirits up I’d have given up long back too.
    @Suman: Yes. What we are going through is truly enormous. It’s only in the past few weeks I am really feeling the impact in my circle.
    @Anjana: Welcome! Stop by often. 🙂
    @Kiran: Well said! Its true for everything that impacts us negatively.
    @M: Hugs girlie! Talk tyu soon.

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