What do you think?

I hate this new comment system said K. Why? I asked surprised. He said he did not like the way my responses showed up on the side bar. The comment numbers were misleading… His list of cribs was pretty big. It set me thinking. I love experimenting with the latest and greatest plug-ins which is why you keep seeing the increasing list of things you can do on the blog. However, listening to K made me wonder if the stuff I add detracts rather than add to the user experience. So, if you have a moment, let me know. Would you prefer the old comment system or the new Intense Debate one that I added recently.

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9 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I fell in love with Intense for the interface and style. I had it on my cesmots since the very beginning. Experiment away.

  2. i actually like the old one…but with time i will come to like the new one i am sure….it just takes time for me to move on… also could you allow two characters in your name, it seems like Name field doesn't like two chars…i have come to love signing off as UL,but never mind if it is out of your control, thanks, UL

  3. hey laksh..u removed the gulgul post?? Why?Iam an avid reader of your blog.in face every day my office ritual starts with checking my mails and then checking your blog next to see what you have put..on days when you don’t post anything i feel disappointed..keep up the blogging and don’t worry about anybody’s comments :-)) you are doing a gr8 job.

    1. @Sindu: After seeing the comment, I felt I had nothing to lose by taking it off. The message was already sent to whom it needed to reach. I agree though I should not take comments to heart. Sometimes it does affect me a bit. That apart, your comment moved me. I felt very happy and touched.
      @UL: I understand. Since the majority still preferred the old system I switched back to it.
      @rads: I liked IntenseDebate too but I felt switching back kind of skewed things.
      @Dinesh: I agree but will wait it out till wordpress brings the threaded discussions and reply features into its own comments.

  4. Don’t worry about what anyone says…really!! I am sure Gulgul was her pet name and not the real name. I liked the emotions attached with that post and it is sad that you had to remove it.

    1. @Manchus: I agree. But till I can reconcile to myself how I should react, I felt it was better to keep the post private.

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