On a day like today

As I look at the clock and realize the week is almost at the end, I feel immeasurable relief. The week that went past has been busy, taxing mentally and very challenging. I enjoyed working but was drained at the end of the day. Classes started this week and the two professors that teach this term are very different from the ones we had so far. The marketing prof has 35% of our overall grade for class participation. I knew I was in a class of overachievers when during the first class any question posed had 75% of the hands in the air. It is going to be brutal.

As I wrap up for the day, I realize this weekend, I get to play with my niece, meet some new people and say Good Bye to one of my favorite bloggers as she relocates to a different country.

As I leave for the day, I want to leave you all with a song I have been enjoying in the recent days. Have a lovely weekend.

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