A picture is worth a thousand memories

Rushing to get ready for my early morning meeting at work, I removed my glasses and left them by the portrait of K and I on my nightstand. I smiled involuntarily at the crooked tie K was wearing in that picture. Through my morning madness, random thoughts came filtering through. The image of the intricate work on the Kancheevaram saree I have on is visible in my mind’s eye in sharp detail. As I glance at the clock before I grab my lunch bag and bid K bye, the vision of my long hair cascading below my shoulder flashes in front of me. I remember the blue shirt, the frame of K’s glasses, the half smile, the shining eyes and tons of insignificant details that I did not even know my mind had absorbed.

Sometime around our first wedding anniversary, I remember bugging K to get this portrait done at Sears. It was a Monday morning, K took time off from work, we were in the empty parking lot of the mall. I felt like I was in Halloween costume with my gorgeous silk saree. Carefully climbing the stairs to the studio, I had second thoughts. Was it all really worth it?

Seven years later, every time I look at the picture, I feel a warmth envelop me. That picture reminds me of all that is young and innocent and trusting. All the hope and joy that is concentrated in the eyes that peer out of the frame makes me want to reach out to the old me. One of my arguments for getting that picture done was that the newness of our relationship was worth cherishing. All that would remain as a memory of the youth we experienced would be this picture I claimed. Years later, I know I was right.

A picture is worth a thousand memories. Each different. Each wonderful.

7 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand memories

  1. Very tue and well written! But sorry I couldnt help laughing at the fact that you made K take time off from work and do this on a Monday morning. :))

  2. I too have a similar picture next to my bed side that was taken 7 years ago when I went to see my in-laws for the first time after we had decided. You are right it does have lots of memories attached, of the warm days were sweet nothings meant so much ….. Ah it is always good to have such pictures to look back on and help us show how much we have grown in a relationship. πŸ™‚

  3. Very true statement… a picture is worth more than thousand words.. and looking at the picture is sure to take u back to those days atleast for a moment.. the good times that u shared at the time of taking the pic… the place.. the funny things that hpnd…. quite a lot… anyway.. nice post as usual.. taking us back to the old days too πŸ™‚ with ur posts… i also could relate to lot of things hpning/that happened in my life as well..

  4. Oh I remember that picture of yours. It used to adore your drawing room then.
    Inspired by that I got it done for my 1st Anniversary. Ultimately I gave copies to my parents and in-laws and I lost mine in relocation. But I totally understand the kind of sweet memories it brings in.

  5. To me, hand written letters evoke similar sense of nostalgia and kindle fond memories; they make me travel back in time to that day and even the setting in which I was reading the letter.

  6. @SK:Thank you! The only appointment they had available was then. πŸ™‚
    @Kiran: I know. In our house growing up we did not have too many framed pics in the showcase. Just a few random ones and definitely none of my parents together. So, when I was a new bride I insisted on a couple picture and I am so glad I did.
    @Shankar: It does! Many pics I have have plenty of memories associated with them.
    @Manchus:adada. you should get another copy for your home. Yup. I still remember where I had it set up in my old apartment.
    @Suman:I know. Sadly I don’t have very many hand written letters with me now.
    @Mads: Thank you!

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