Inertia and excitement

My third term starts tomorrow. My textbook is here and I should be rearing to go right? Instead I feel inertia. After a two week break that included no studying and catching up on TV shows, I am almost resentful that I have to spend time preparing for class and working on assignments. I know I will eat my words in a couple of days but for now that is how I feel.

On a different note, am getting all set for a weekend lunch get-together with a couple of people I have only spoken to before. Through the day as we exchanged notes deciding on the food for the potluck or who else was joining us, I felt the familiar thrill course through my veins. The high that comes from discovering connections or the promise of new friendships. Every time I feel this way, I tell myself to tone my expectations down but never actually do. I realized today that I do have a zest for life. I enjoy meeting new people and I am open to new experiences. As much as I go through nervousness and butterflies with each new experience, I also look forward to it with equal parts eagerness and excitement.

Funny how as I grow older, I feel younger. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Inertia and excitement

  1. good luck with the new term – and have fun with new beginnings… here's wishes for continued growth and staying younger πŸ™‚ – cant seem to sign off UL

  2. @UL:Thank you! paradoxical as it sounds, I wish it is true of the future. No idea why UL is reserved in the system. Will check.
    @Suman:Thank you Suman. I think I will. Just done reading for Tuesday’s class. It is interesting.

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