Almost there!

Three hours and rather tired eyes later, I have wordpress upgraded and the blog looking almost like before. I was ready to call it a day and go to bed when I decided to check the About Me page. I realized that my picture was not showing up.

With a heavy heart I realized I had overwritten my pictures folder during the upgrade. It will be a while before I can dig through my backup and replace the images.

The upgrade itself was rather simple compared to what I expected. Took a backup of my site, replaced core wordpress files and followed intructions from the website for upgrade. Ended up losing most of my themes and plugins and spent a good amount of time reinstalling and configuring them.

I am sure there are plenty of other stuff I am not aware of at this point. If in the course of browsing Musings you find links broken, plugins not working or content skewed, drop me a note.

Back to regular blogging now. Yayy!!

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