Into uncharted waters

It’s close to a year since I moved to my own domain. Encouraged with a week of no classes and rather free evenings, I decided to go ahead and attempt upgrade my wordpress installation from 2.5 to 2.7.1.

While I have no clue what the upgrade will offer me in terms of features, the thrill of the unknown eggs me on. I have my backups in place should I mess things up, but before I take the final plunge I wanted to let you know that should something go wrong, this is the reason.

I expect the upgrade to go smoothly but just in case it does not, I might be starting over from scratch and that means Musings could be done for a few days till all is well.

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Into uncharted waters

  1. Lakshmi,

    I came to your blog from a comment you had posted on Mad-momma’s blog and for some reason got addicted to your blog and read almost the whole blog in one go.
    The way you write is really beautiful.
    I am married for sometime and am busy with school and work and hence haven’t thought about kids yet.
    But sometimes I feel when I do think about kids, may be it is not gonna happen.
    Will I be sad or broken then – I don’t know.
    Will people blame us that we were selfish and thinking about only ourselves and now it is too late – I don’t know.
    But whatever it is, if at all I end up in that situation I hope I will turn out to be as positive and as optimistic as you.
    Have you read this blog –
    Thought you might like it.

    Also, are you doing your MBA? I thought so reading some of your school related stuff.
    I guess it is a working professional one because you talk about work too.
    Well I am also in once such program and it gets so hectic – right?
    How do you manage all that plus a blog??

  2. Anamika, Thanks for stopping by. Was nice reading your comment. I did catch Usha's post and meant to comment but it skipped my mind. Perils of reading posts on reader. What program are you in. Will be nice to compare notes.

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