Dinner and a movie equals learning the fun way

Ploughing my way through lunch, I look at the printed sheets that lay scattered in front of me. One is a schematic and the other a list of questions for discussion. I put them away and I am eager for the day to be done. Tonight is a dinner and movie night in class. Admittedly, for the $$$ I pay for each class, learning should not be this fun. But it can be. Like today. As I read the questions again, I realize how a popular medium like cinema can teach us lessons. As we sit engrossed in the story, we absorb more than just the storyline. The awkward silences, the non verbal gestures, the feelings of ego and pride that are reflected in the arched eyebrow or the sneering lip.

I can’t wait. The movie we are to see is 12 Angry Men. The instructor is treating us to pizza as well. As I reflect back on the past nine weeks, I realize I have enjoyed his method of teaching. His way of keeping us involved with the content of the course. There are times when I long for the structure that a ‘class’ in my past would have been but that is more of an adjustment to be made from my side. I enjoy the assignments as they make me think and I feel hurt when the grades don’t reflect my expectations. In all, another week and this term will be done. We then move to more serious topics like Statistics and Marketing next term.

So, while I wait it out till 6:00 PM, I hope the rest of you have better things to do with your time than I do with mine. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Dinner and a movie equals learning the fun way

  1. I just watched this movie recently (about a month back or so, I guess). I enjoyed the movie immensely. I guess it is one of those movies, which happened in an enclosed small space (LifeBoat comes to mind), but you never realize that as you are so engrossed in the various arguments / conversations that happen between the jurors – their arguments & agreements, resolving their personal issues. Would love to know the details of your discussion in the class.

  2. Laksh,

    Visting here after a month or so….and just did a post- thanks for the enquiry. Looks like a fun filled way to learning, indeed. I remember our Organizational behavior class professor who used to screen selected shots from movies for some of our topic discussions. Enjoy the class tonight!

  3. I know what you mean by looking for “structure” in class. Teaching or learning for that matter is so totally different from what it used to be back home. Hope the movie was good!

  4. We used to have this method of teaching when I was doing photography, it is great you cannot imagine how much you can learn and then remember all of it.

  5. If nothing else, I want to do MBA for movies and pizza :). Hope you had fun while learning!

    This term is almost going to be over ? so soon? you just started it laksh! See, before you know you will be done and in that ‘one blast of a view’ corner office

  6. @Akay: I think we just did yest night 🙂
    @Mitr: Thanks and welcome back. Gotta love this mode of learning
    @Suman: Loved the movie. If you haven’t watched it, please do. Tons of layers to the movie. Will be nice to have a discussion on it.
    @Kiran: True! Do you have a photo blog by any chance?
    @Nandini: They sure are fun. You can sit in on mine if you visit this side. 😉
    @Nikhil: Yes sir! Drexel.
    @Shy: Yes. Tonight is the last class for this term.
    @Shalu: Hopefully stat will not be as bad as you make it out to be :0

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