The Girl who cried “Spring!”

Waking up this morning I was unmistakably warm. Peeling off my socks, I stopped a moment to strain. I could hear a cacophony of bird sounds right outside my window. I smiled involuntarily and went downstairs for my favorite morning coffee. Looking out the window, I saw the Sun was no longer directly ahead on the horizon, it was at an angle to my home. Skipping a beat, I peeked at my backyard, hint of green was everywhere.

Getting ready to leave for work, I reached for my regular winter coat and for a moment paused. I let the coat go and reached out for a lighter fleece instead. Out the door, I opted for the open back shoe over the boots I have been wearing for ages now. Humming to myself, I opened the garage to a pleasant chill rather than a burning cold on my face. I loved it.

The last time I felt this way a couple of weeks back, we were hit with a snowstorm a few days later. As much as I believe Spring is definitely on the way, I can’t help but be wary. It’s too soon to celebrate I tell myself. But the signs are there. The Sun is up earlier, it sets later. I am feeling cheery. It might be too soon for the mulch people to come over but my step is light and my heart is singing.


10 thoughts on “The Girl who cried “Spring!”

  1. We don’t have a hint of green yet, but the fact that my calendar shows March, and not Jan and Feb fills my heart with anticipation and my head with images of all the greenery! This winter has been brutal. More than the greenery, this time somehow with all that’s going on with economy, to me spring gives a message of hope (totally unrelated comparisons I know). You know a sorta reminder that tough people last, but tough times don’t!

  2. Winter looks never ending this time. Maybe it’s because, it was not at all cold last winter that we forgot what winter is and finding it difficult this time! I don’t know what I’m going to do the next winter (if you know what I mean!)

  3. @Suman: You are right about hope. I had the exact feeling this morning though it did not get to the post. I felt hopeful almost. Like good times are back.
    @Anamika: You really seem ‘know’ me well 🙂
    @Madhuram: Haha! Totally know what you mean. I pity you 🙂

  4. The weather has been crazy this winter, I too am feeling happier looking at the first sign’s of spring slowly appearing. The sunshine has an amazing hold on us, it really does give life to everything.

  5. Well oddly enough I felt the same experience this morning.. the warmness of spring arrival forced me to wakeup super early. Usually, one has to kick me to get me out of the bed; it wasn’t the case today. I wondered it is really spring or me my body just adjusting to this single warm day. I said to my self, its the spring… thinking I didn’t wake up few weeks back when we had a warm day. I guess this is our animal instinct; SPRING is in the air…. 🙂

  6. it is coming.. and it is here (almost). We had warm day here too.Inspite of the all the snow( we get more than you Laksh) and cold, I like the changing seasons and freshness each brings. with every season, dress code changes, life style changes,activities change, enough to keep us not bored. speech over! here to early spring and sprouts in Laksh’s back to singing birds and sunshine too..and don’t foget your plants laksh( to them too) the open toes shoe (boots you take rest) and to the fleece coat..happy weekend laksh,enjoy!

  7. @Kiran: Guess your blog is called Radiance Recipes for a reason 🙂
    @Dinesh: Aaha! Nalla thathuvam.
    @Nirmal: true. I do feel warm when I get up in the morning these days.
    @Spillay: I remmeber when I wrote about autumn and you were talking of spring then. The cycle of time.
    @Shy: Wishing the same for you too shy. I need to check something from you. Email on the way. 🙂

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