Moving landmarks. Fading memories.

Catching up on the day’s events, something K said over phone caused me to choke and pause for a bit. He had been to M.G Road in Bangalore today and said India Coffee House is moving. I felt an emotion akin to closing of the Woodlands Drive In in Madras. Both these places have one thing in common. Great coffee and an ambiance that reeks of an old world charm. And many, many hours sitting and chatting with friends.

Long after I had hung up the phone, my thoughts were still in M.G Road. The elevated sidewalk with a view. The K.C Das in the corner, Koshys, Aggarwal Bhavan, G.K Vale, ICH, Navratan, Max, Gangarams, Ullas and many more. Each of these places have sweet memories associated with them. A job interview at Koshys, Chole Bature and rant sessions at Aggarwal, portrait at G K Vale that netted K, hours of non stop arratai with a friend that was a turning point in many ways, shopping for thin sinewy golusu at Navratan, sandwiches and french fries at Max.

The years of roaming M.G and Brigade roads all rushed through my head before quieting down to a sober realization. The world as I knew it was fading. And there is nothing that can be done about it.

12 thoughts on “Moving landmarks. Fading memories.

  1. I feel the same way Laksh – places I grew up in, music I listen to, even some thoughts and ideas I have – fading….sometimes I feel I belong in a different time 🙂

  2. Yeah.. true.. in cities like Chennai/Bangalore only some places of traditional value are left behind. When these kinda places close down, it definitely leaves many people with a heavy heart. And Woodlands drive-in is one such.. and the last day of this being opened to the public saw a huge crowd there. That place was the birth place of many tamil movies/books. Its good that, the place is taken over by the horticulture dept and the greenery wl be maintained as such .. and it will be open to public at some point of time… rather than a shopping maal or a multi plex. Such a huge place full of trees in the centre of the city is a miracle for Chennai. Good tat it stays as such.

    Another similar thing that is a part of Chennai peoples life is the ‘Metre Gauge EMU train’. It holds a special place in peoples heart and the last service, before it was scrapped to give way for the broadgauge train saw thousands of people thronging to the station to just bid good bye to the train and the driver and gaurd were given rousing welcome in each and every station… old things die hard…

  3. OMG – can’t believe ICH is moving 😦 I wish I could take the cities of Bangalore & Chennai in a time capsule with me… “The world as I know it is fading” – I guess this is the moment when it hits you that you are getting old 😛

  4. Laksh, Madurai brings this kind of nostalgia to me. The street side kothu parota b’day treats, the petti kadai anna who always had something kind to say when I went for STD calls, the early morning temple visits on sunday etc. I want to document them in my blog before they fade from my memory.

  5. @Bavani: You are not alone. I feel like that most of the time!
    @Shankar: Your comment took me back on a drive down memory lane. Thank you!
    @Manchus: Well! it no longer exists but in our memories.
    @Nandini: Sad na? There are so many places along that stretch and Brigade’s that holds special memories for me.
    @Rama: Don’t get me started on the economy. I feel like we are in the middle of an apocalypse.
    @Dinesh: Tell me about it. Funny enough, I have spent a lot of time at Barista and Coffee Day in addition to ICH then. These days however, I seek out the ICHs of the world rather than Coffee Day or Barista. Changing tastes or a hankering for nostalgia?
    @Akay: Yes! Sure are. I wish I had a digital camera with me then to capture the world as I saw it.
    @Anamika: I know. We gotta get together one of these days and talk of Bangalore 🙂
    @Shalu: Thanks!
    @JS: Yes. it is. Belated Happy Birthday to you too!
    @Suman: Please do. Look forward to reading that. Coimbatore does that to me too!

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