Looking through a cousin’s profile on Facebook, I was struck by her declaration of being an Atheist. As much as it surprised me I wondered if she meant to say Agnostic instead. Not sure if I understood the difference myself I looked both words up.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Atheist as one who believes that there is no deity and Agnostic as a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowableย  ; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god

These thoughts have been swirling in my mind for a while now. About two plus years. Losing my father set a chain of thoughts in my mind that is yet to settle. All my growing years I confused rituals with religious views and thought of myself as an atheist. I wanted to have nothing to do with a God that imposed so many rules and regulations and discriminated against me because I was a girl.

In my high school we were exposed to many lectures about Vedanta and philosophy which I quite enjoyed and was curious enough to dig deeper. Over the next few years I picked up books on philosophy from different parts of the world and imbibed some ideas which appealed to me.

Now an adult, I am not yet sure what is it I believe in or want to believe in. While I still sort my ideas out, there are a few that stand out. Karma and the concept of the cycle of life. As I create my own personal faith, there are things I am easily able to fit in – like a reverence for the force of Nature and some that I struggle with – the concept of Karma and cyclical nature of life.

As I go through this process, I am interested in knowing if any of you think about this consciously. Are you a firm believer in the tenets of your religion or like me are you ambiguous of what it all means to you personally? Whatever it is, speak up. I really would love to talk about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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