Valentine Day Memories

As I sat immersed in work (totally unlike me) this morning, I heard someone behind me and turned.  A friend from work held out a pretty pink bag with hearts on it. Happy Valentine’s Day! she said. The bag contained hand made chocolates. I was touched and honored to be remembered and counted in her circle of friends. I set the bag aside and continued with my work. A while later I bit into one of those chocolates and it was bliss. Loved it. An hour later, an email informed the company that lolligrams were delivered. Knowing I had not sent any this year and the one person I hoped would remember to send me one being away, I deleted it wistfully.

Filling my water bottle a little while later I peeked into my letter box half-heartedly and was shocked to see one there. Here it is.

This is from a new friend at work and I was blown away. I emailed her and sat back to work. However, my mind kept going back to the years where V Day was something pretty alien to me. All through school, birthday cards were a constant. There would be hushed whispers about the ones that did get cards on V Day. As for college, the group I was part of didn’t really think we aught to express our love and friendship one day of the year. Every day was V Day pretty much.

I remember my first Valentine Day card and still have it too. It was one of those personalized cards that one could get at Gangarams on M.G Road in Bangalore. It meant that the person took the trouble to personalize the card for you. It meant a huge deal. I remember walking around with a smile on my face the whole week. Then was the era of ecards. I have no idea how many I got or sent. It was one of those things I would spend a good number of hours picking out and remembering everyone in my wide, wide circle. That phase probably lasted a couple of years and then I guess the fad passed.

I met K two days before V Day for the first time. By the time V Day rolled around, I was to be engaged and had huge expectations of being serenaded and such. Nothing. I logged on to Yahoo Messenger and wished him. He actually said “Same to you.” and went back to whatever it is he was doing. I remember analyzing and dissecting what kind of a creature wouldn’t actually express love and devotion to his fiancee on the first V Day after they knew each other. As much as a let down that was, it set the standard for the years that followed.

There are times like this one when K surprised me but for all practical purposes, it has been run of the mill, just another day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Here’s to renewed friendship and love to those around me physically and virtually. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Valentine Day Memories

  1. Hey Laksh…you definitely made me laugh with your comment on not being wished on Valentine’s day the way you wished for …I am very senti about such things too!! and Anand has learned along the way(I made sure he did!!) that these mean something to me…still work in progress :)..

    Happy Valentine’s day!!

  2. ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day Laksh ♥

    The first time I ever celebrated or wished anyone was in my 12th std to the boy I had major crush on. And yes that was talk of the class.

    Now it is just another day.I am just waiting for my daughter to start school, so that she can make it an exciting day. Last year when she used to go to Daycare, she got some crafty stuff made.
    R is not a major fan of celebrating this day.

    Me and Boo used to buy lots of cards for ourselves or save it for future boyfriend/hubby. I still have them, I gave it R and he gave it back to me saying since I am the one who holds on these sentiments I preserve it.

  3. @Akay: Happy Valentine’s Day my special girl!
    @Veena: LOL! Love your spirit.
    @Spillay: Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!
    @Manchus: ROFL 🙂 Loved your comment. Thanks for sharing!

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