One year. One million memories.

A year back you came into this world. A year back, I saw my FIL transform into this hopelessly besotted person who could not stop raving about you. This one year has seen you capture hearts, build bridges, bring families together. As the crowd of family, friends and strangers jostle to wish you today, your perima sits thousands of miles away wishing she could have been there. Been there to place a hand on your tiny head and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Of a life filled with love, health, happiness and success.

God bless you little one. May you live a thousand years!

19 thoughts on “One year. One million memories.

  1. Dear V, Wishing you many many happy returns on your 1st bday! May God’s choicest blessings shower upon you!

    Laksh, can’t believe it is one year:)

  2. Dear V,

    Wish you a very very Happy 1st Birthday. May God bless you with a lifetime of health, wealth and Happiness.


  3. She is a cutie, congratulations on all the milestones and best wishes for the many yet to come….I am sure you will get to hear tonnes from Kanna on all that you missed Laksh.. It is nice to see pictures of K’s Dad too…

  4. Hi Laksh, just saw this translator in your blog…couldnt resist the temptation of reading your blog translated in Hindi…boy! it is funny how it is translated!!..they take a word and do a literal translation…some of them come out right..but most of them…it is funny how it is put together…but i guess it is an interesting concept 🙂

  5. Thanks a million for your warm wishes. We really miss you during the occasion. Great you have posted this in the blog with lovely picture. No words to express apart from thankyou

  6. @All: Thank you! V appreciates all the wishes and is thrilled with the attention 🙂
    @Manchus: Which picture?
    @Spillay: Been fun changing the look and feel.
    @Veena: Madhu emailed me about the translator too. Something better than nothing no?
    @Abi: I sure did miss it and am hating myself for it.

  7. Hey Laksh…yes definitely…as i said isnt it interesting to see your blog written in so many other languages just by the click of a mouse?!

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