Legs tucked in comfortably, a throw keeping me warm, I pored over my Essentials of Economics textbook. Papers and printouts strewn all around me. I felt lost, helpless and sleepy. A good decade and half after I thought the days of cramming were over, I am at it again. Don’t mistake me. I have been part of a M.S (Software Engg) from the Wipro-BITS tie-up which I unfortunately did not finish, a MIS from Univ of Phoenix which I did successfully finish this time last year. None of them expected me to cram like my current economics class does. I have been spoilt rotten with open book exams, with papers that tested my understanding rather than my ability to remember concepts under pressure.Β 

With my mid term this Thursday, I am feeling the pressure. I have read through my text twice. I think I can come up with graphs and charts to show what a 0.5% increase in tax can do to essential items like milk or a luxury item like an RV. Yet. I am not sure. I have my task cut out for me. Read through lecture notes, look at questions behind each chapter in the book and write down concepts in the hope it will reinforce it in my mind. And pray. You heard me right. I seriously considered spending a moment to think of Lord Dhakshinamurthy. The one who ensures an A grade.

This also takes me back to the days when I have circled the flat terrace of my home in Madras, book in hand for hours on end. Reading out loud to ensure I am not distracted. Notebooks filled with scribbled notes, the xerox copies of reference books, the frantic phone calls to reassure myself that my classmate was not too far ahead of me in the cramming process, the pressure filled minutes before walking into the exam hall when that last chapter I decided to revise made an appearance as a 20 mark question. The combined studies that were more of arratai sessions and sleepy night outs. That and many more.

I do most of it now except that it is over facebook and gtalk. I know my peers are better prepared than I am. Only this time I do it because I want to learn. I hope it will make a difference in the way I read news. I hope it will help me understand if the decision to raise taxes will help the government as much as they think it will. Of if my decision to wait for the next generation of TVs is a good idea πŸ™‚

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