Writing prompts

Each day as I sip Kaapi, shower or drive to work, my mind is looking for bloggable topics. Incidents that embed themselves into my brain. Some days I get lucky like Tuesday when I got stuck in the snow. Some other days, there is nothing eventful happening. Then one day I get lucky.

Browsing randomly I came across this article in tech news that talked about a couple of ex-googlers starting this new service called Plinky. At the time I read about it, it intrigued me and I looked for it online.

The service was not up but they had a Notify me link that promised to let me know when they were ready to debut. I signed up and forgot about it. A few weeks back, I received an email saying Plinky was ready to take on the world. The net crazy being that I am, I signed up and explored the website. I liked what I saw but was not upto setting up my profile and such. I forgot about it over time and this morning I saw a digest email of what was happening out at Plinky.

I realized with a start that this was Godsent. I did not have to scour my brain for topics to write on. All I had to do was look around Plinky for writing prompts and I was set. I felt I had to share this with anyone who might be experiencing blog blues.

So, if you are waiting for that perfect idea to strike, go here and take a look. You just might find something that inspires you to write.

5 thoughts on “Writing prompts

  1. Laksh-

    Am back after a long time here, it will take a while for me to catch up on all your posts.

    I so admire your consistency and variety in blogging about a lot of things, especially writing the day to day happenings that make it interesting to read.

  2. Ah I live on prompts, as you must know, my typing away is all about prompts and attempt at creativity, if you go there, and scroll to the right, you will find plenty of others, similar to this plinky to inspire you….this is just an additional note to those who are interested, Laksh, you know this already…I got to this site, didn’t get a chance to log in, will do so soon… thanks for the recommendation..

  3. @Mitr: Thank you! Been wondering where you were gone 🙂
    @Grant: will definitely do.
    @UL: I have noticed the links to the prompts on your Typing Away. Somehow always felt they were for poetry. Guess some kind of mental block.

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