Friendship redefined.

Apar of Random Ruminations passed on this cool band of friendship and in her words “been there for me.” I am honored to accept and display it here.

As I run through my list of friends and wonder how on earth am I going to mention each of those people who mean so much to me I realize my circle has exploded literally thanks to the blog. Those of you I have not met in person yet I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with you knowing you will relate. Those of you who stop by every now and then and write in a line just to let me know you read what I write and whether or not you agree with what I say you are participating in my life. And then the ones who call, email or check in on me every now and then to keep in touch and keep those bonds of friendship strong.

To each of you out there who has been connected to me in real life or virtually, I pass this on. As a bond that is tenous yet strong. Even if you are not there every single day but check in on days that matter. To the ones who share my ups and downs with equanimity. Here’s to friendship! Thank you!!

8 thoughts on “Friendship redefined.

  1. This blogging world is amazing isn’t it? Making a small group of friends – friends you have never met and may never and yet sharing that little bond called Friendship. Here’s to your blog today Laksh!

    P.S. About your blog post yesterday, I know ALL about waiting for THAT call! Sometimes I have to resort to comforting myself by just saying “MEN!” – Can’t live with them AND can’t live with them 🙂

  2. @rads: yayy!!
    @Bavani: It is amazing! I have always wanted to have pen pals but never really made the effort to reach out. Blogging has transformed my life in many ways and this is one I cherish.
    @Arch: I know ;P
    @Suman: Yayy!!
    @Sachita: I was new too a couple of years back. Gosh! its been that long already!
    @Spillay: The feeling is mutual.
    @Shalu: absolutely.

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