Waiting for that call

All over the weekend as I entertained people at home and worked through my paper or watched the Super Bowl cheering for the underdogs, there was a part of me eyeing the phone, willing for it to ring. But ring it did not.

As Amma kept asking if K called. I replied my mouth set in a firm line. No. And am not going to call either. But years of being the one who reaches out always didn’t help. So, pick up the phone I did and call.

As I drove to work today, I wondered what sets some people apart from others. The need to be in touch. To be connected. Constantly. While others are content to let be. To remain gloriously detached. There was a time when the disconnect would have had me close to tears. Not now. But that does not stop me from wondering.

Enough rambling on a Monday morning. So, how are you doing?

7 thoughts on “Waiting for that call

  1. I am person who needs to be in touch, who wants her calls returned – but guess what it is not to be! There are very few who actually reach out. P used to think I was not giving him enough space if I worried about him being extra-ordinarily late and called him to find out if he were alright! Guess some people are programmed that way and we are not πŸ™‚

  2. I guess I don’t want to (may be even like to) be in constant touch – I like my space and freedom. Since I like it, I usually try to give it to others in my life too, and thinking about it, it can be misconstrued as being detached or distant. Since K is also like that there is no problem in that regard – we don’t talk to each other very often when we happen to be not together – just quick calls once we finish traveling and a quick check to see if all is well; that is it πŸ™‚

  3. “Enough rambling on a Monday morning. So, how are you doing?”
    Doing badly enough to wonder why Mondays havent been eliminated from the weekly calendar.

    On your post itself, I dont know what I am, I am sometimes Apar and sometimes A-kay in this case:)

  4. Hi Laksh. I guess being human means being different from each and every other human there is. I don’t even know which category (of the two you mention) that I fall in… probably both… (Now I’m rambling.. Ha! Ha!).. Anyway,.. you have a good week. Chat again soon β™₯

  5. I am certainly the kind that likes to be in touch and stay connected. A friend wisely pointed me to something – while feelings such as love, friendship, and affection may seem like selfless emotions, if you dig deep down they are motivated by selfish reasons. So in essence, the person that wants to stay connected is actually meeting a certain need (such as the need to part of someone’s life) by connecting to others. Conversely, the person that does not reach out does not share the same needs.

  6. Agree with Apar… in my case… most of the time it would be my friends… hmmmm… people say I’m too emotional… when I call just to make sure that they are alright… sometimes it hurts when you know that your friends simply doesnt answer you call… πŸ˜₯ though you have called 1001 times…

  7. @Apar: I know. Over time I think some of K’s detachment has rubbed off on me. But some times I really do wish he would call.
    @Akay: I know you too well so not a surprise there.
    @Sachita: Hope your week has become better since Monday.
    @Spillay: Guess you are like Sachita πŸ™‚
    @Suman: Very true. Someone told me this of grieving for the dead. We mourn for ourselves and our loss rather than the person who passed away. Touched a chord.
    @Selvi: LOL. know the feeling. am the one who calls/emails most of the time.

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