Butterflies, Brickbats and Bouquets

Clearing up my desk at 4:30, I was a nervous mess. I had the one slide I was presenting printed out,  neat handmade notes to go with the slide and yet was so unsure of everything I had on there. No. this was not some client presentation on which $$$ hinged. It was to be a small class discussion in our Economics class about Outsourcing. It was to be graded but that was not what was making me anxious.

Over the years, I have followed the debate on outsourcing through the media and shows like Lou Dobbs. While some comments irritated me, I never felt strongly about it because I never was directly impacted by it. yet, preparing for the presentation, I was amazed and surprised again by how I had conflicting opinions on it. I could not reconcile the differences within me, how was I going to present something that looked convincing?

This is what I learned. Free market works. Yet, the issues associated with it are not black and white. There will always be winners and losers no matter which way you look at it. Unless it is a socialist government, there is a fine line between being protectionist or siding with corporates. More importantly like a wise classmate said a presentation is just a discussion. I am not out there to impress or wow the audience and the audience does not want me to fail either.

As I wrapped up and left the class, my professor said “Good job!” and I was thrilled. I stopped to chat a bit and surprised myself by how strongly I felt about certain issues. Perhaps yesterday was the day Economics went from being vague to something I could actually enjoy?

4 thoughts on “Butterflies, Brickbats and Bouquets

  1. I must say this whole journey of yours cute. Yes that is the word I would like to use:)

    I have never studied economics, but I think these discussions is economics is all about and which I would have loved. Unfortunately we are not taught the way in India.

  2. perfect timing! with ‘Buy American’ rule in Obama’s stimulus plan triggering a trade war / discussion especially among G20 countries.
    I glad you enjoyed the presentation and activities / thoughts around it before and after.
    Agree to Sachita’s comment; wish we were taught from a practical perspective!!

  3. Good for you Laksh. Economics is a fun subject. If not anything, it helps you read news intelligently! Try your hands on Freakonomics or their blog.

  4. @Sachita: Nice to know you are on board for the ride. I am quite enjoying the MBA experience.
    @Shy: We had a stimulating discussion about it last thursday. Will possibly continue today too.
    @Suman: True! Checked out the blog and added the book to my amazon wishlist 🙂

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