The Views

Looking up from my laptop when a particularly gusty wind knocked some snow off rooftops, I realized the view was ethereal and had to share it with all of you. So, here is the view of my backyard.

Here is another view.

13 thoughts on “The Views

  1. Breathtaking view!! See that is the beauty of snow. And can you imagine the danger that lies beneath this beauty!!

  2. Excellent view and I like it.It is an enjoyable surrounding. The picture reminds of my days at Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh about thirty five years back !!

  3. love love the woodsy feel to it….must be a pain to clean up in fall tho right with all the leaves falling…a pleasure in spring and summer for sure tho

  4. @rads: Yes. I enjoy sitting out in the deck other than winter times and enjoying the peace.
    @Shy: now that you mention it. does make the perfect view for an office doesn’t it?
    @Rekha: 🙂 I love it year round.
    @Apar: Sure ma’am! emailed it.
    @Manchus: true. When are you visiting us?
    @Shankar: Good question. I ‘try’ to work.
    @Shalu: You should visit us sometime.
    @ekr: wow! those must be some memories. Looking forward to reading your blog when you create one.
    @Abi: Thank you. See! that’s why I keep telling you should visit us.
    @Rajitha: I love it too. Thankfully its not a huge deck so cleaning is not as much a hassle.

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