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Looking up from my laptop when a particularly gusty wind knocked some snow off rooftops, I realized the view was ethereal and had to share it with all of you. So, here is the view of my backyard.

Here is another view.


  1. Excellent view and I like it.It is an enjoyable surrounding. The picture reminds of my days at Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh about thirty five years back !!

  2. @rads: Yes. I enjoy sitting out in the deck other than winter times and enjoying the peace.
    @Shy: now that you mention it. does make the perfect view for an office doesn’t it?
    @Rekha: 🙂 I love it year round.
    @Apar: Sure ma’am! emailed it.
    @Manchus: true. When are you visiting us?
    @Shankar: Good question. I ‘try’ to work.
    @Shalu: You should visit us sometime.
    @ekr: wow! those must be some memories. Looking forward to reading your blog when you create one.
    @Abi: Thank you. See! that’s why I keep telling you should visit us.
    @Rajitha: I love it too. Thankfully its not a huge deck so cleaning is not as much a hassle.

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