I miss you

Yes I do.

Each time I throw my hand over the empty pillow in my sleep and wake up and realize you are not here. As I stop on my way home to pick up mail. As I put out the trash. As I channel surf and Taylor Swift is on. As I eat what Amma makes and realize you would have loved it. As I sit and browse and realize the seat next to me is empty. As I haul the week’s grocery to the car. As I sign the check and realize with a sigh that I have to run to the bank. As I call up the cable company and argue with them over missing channels. As in everything else I do.

In little ways and subtler ones, I miss your presence, your smile, the silly arguments and the love.

12 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. How sweet! I am sure K will be back in no time…though it would seem eons to you. Distance does make the heart fonder, does it not? Hope he is having fun?

    @UL: Distance does make the heart grow fonder. I sure hope time will fly 🙂

  2. Oh boy! K is one lucky guy.For a change Laksh, you get to sharpen your managment skills at ‘running the home show’ business for short term. Make sure you nag K enough, when he comes back, with alternate (read better) ways to do things:).Start writing your book now

    @Shy: K is a lucky guy. Only hope he realizes it. :p On my way to write my book shy.

  3. The narration is cute. If K read this post he will be back soon. I think he also feels the same.

    @Abi: Thank you ma’am. Make sure K reads the post. :p

  4. I know it’s tough to be apart.5 weeks will go fast.

    @Anila: you should know. you just got back from vacation 🙂

  5. Ditto here.. I’ve been waiting for my husband to get here for the past month and been feeling quite miserable. I will be leaving in 10 mins for the airport to pick him.. Finally! Life will be normal again!

    @Rekha: Read your pongal post and presumed it was the same there. Have fun with hubby part of the home again.

  6. I have to admit – 5 weeks is long. But just look forward to how much sweeter things will be when he returns – distance definitely does make the heart grow fonder 🙂

    @Bavani: I hope he is bringing back goodies to sweeten the absence.

  7. That was a cute post. I am sure he must be reading it from the other side of the world and smiling too 🙂

    Just hang in there and enjoy your time with Amma.

  8. So chweet, catching up on your blogs after a long break. Take care and enjoy your time with Amma after K is back you will miss this 🙂

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