And thus was born a football fan…

Watching the Fourth and Goal message flash on screen, I was aware of my heart pounding hoping for a miraculous turn around in a game clearly dominated by the Cardinals. My fingers crossed and clenched sitting at the edge of the seat, I walked away disappointed when the game went from possible to impossible. Even as I busied myself making dinner, I was amazed at how far I had come with regard to sports. If ever there was anyone anti-sport it was me. The only sport I watched occasionally was Cricket and that too only if it was India playing and seeming like it would win. I would rather bury my nose in a book than sit in a room crowded with frenzied fans biting their nails and hoping and praying for what I called a silly game on the Idiot Box. I distinctly remember screwing my nose in distaste at the extremely physical sport that is “American” Football.

Somewhere over the past year I got bitten by the “American” football bug. I watched matches because our local team the Philadelphia Eagles played. I watched because I could follow conversations at work and school more than any interest in the game. Somewhere the line between watching and getting involved blurred and I was as caught up in it as any other game crazed person around here. I even thought to myself yesterday as we shopped that if the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl I would get an Eagles jersey.

As the Eagles unceremoniously lost today, I truly felt disappointment. I then realized a football fan was born. I know now that I will follow the Super Bowl irrespective of who plays. Immersed in the sporting action for a few hours on the Idiot Box I will be part of a live pulsating humanity that comes together for the cause of a good game.

8 thoughts on “And thus was born a football fan…

  1. Good.. atleast in this way.. the ladies turn into followers of the games.. otherwise.. its very tough for the hubby to make them sit and watch the game which they are interested in… wl solve a lot of remote-controlling issues…. hope my wife too develops interest over cricket, football, tennis, hockey..etc.. avvalavuthaan…

    @Shankar: This probably has nothing to do with my being a ‘lady’ πŸ™‚ More to do with developing an interest in sports where previously I abhorred it. I say this because I know quite a few women who are rabid sports fans.

  2. Don’t you think the underlying inspiration for this is patriotism/love for the place you live more than the sports itself?

    @anamika: Perhaps! But I think it is more because football is action packed and gives instant gratification.

  3. I’m not a sports fan either Laksh. As you said to some extent cricket, but never watched a football match here. I don’t think I would understand why people from the same country would go nuts over teams of different states.

    @Madhuram: πŸ™‚ I wonder that about the IPL matches in India too πŸ™‚

  4. I am a sports fan sort of. I love Cricket,Tennis,Football(soccer),Basketball and Hockey. Oh yes I love sleeping..if it was as a sport in Olympics, I might win too.

    But despite all this, I still cannot watch this Football!! Maybe someday when my son starts talking about it. Partly the reason is hubby dear is also not into it.

    @Manchus: I understand. A year back this was true of me.

  5. My deepest sympathies….But I watched it with Glee…But then again eagles generally have to land sometimes….but they did with a resounding thud probably this time around…

    @Arch: 😦 True though. They have nobody but themselves to blame.

  6. Good for you Laksh! You are one step closer to assimilating yourself in the adopted country.

    @Suman: I hope so! For the first ever time when I hear snatches of conversations in class relating to football, I actually nod my head because I understand and relate to it.

  7. Laksh.. i didnt mean to say that ladies dont follow sports.. what i actually meant is the percentage of inclination to sports is less in ladies compared to men. rather.. as u mentioned there are quite a FEW women who are rabid sports fan… and i seriously hope my wife falls on that category πŸ™‚

    @Shankar: I am sorry. I realized I came across as touchy. I hope your wife joins you in watching sports.

  8. Wow!! “American football” huh? So, we have a thing in common except for the fact that I dont watch the “American” football, its the football(soccer) that works for me. But, great to know this! We should start the “football fan club”. What say? πŸ˜‰

    @Shalu: It’s taken me 8 yrs to start enjoying the game. The fan club will take some time I would think ;p

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