Happy Birthday Dearest A!!!

They say friends are family by choice and in some way it is true for our desi arranged marriages too. Four years back, when my Sis in law became part of my family, I had dreams of girlish bonding, gossiping and such. What I got instead was a rather quiet, doe eyed beauty who listened more than she ever talked. Over the years, she has grown on me like a piece of A.R. Rahman music. We meet each other almost every week. I play with my niece and she hovers in the background never once asserting her right over her daughter. I cherish her for that unspoken love and understanding more than I have ever told her.

So, as she turns a whole year older, I think of her with warm wishes in my heart. I wish for her a lifetime enveloped by love of her family, a career that soars upward and all those little dreams that sparkle in her eyes come true.

Happy Birthday Anila! Have a wonderful, wonderful day. You are loved more than you know.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dearest A!!!

  1. Have a wonderful Birthday Anila. seen your pics from UL’s and Laksh’s; like laksh rightly said ‘a doe eyed beauty’. your daughter is a cutie pie! have a great day! God bless.
    Thanks Laksh, for sharing this with us ; you so nicely express yourself in words and make your dear ones’ day special.

    @Shy: πŸ™‚ Thanks you for the nice words.

  2. Birthday wishes to you Anila, I remember the day I first met you, when me & V received you into your new home – to me you are such a bubbly, energetic and chirpy character, and I see you in a totally different light than Laksh, may be not as a sister – in – law, :), just pulling your leg, Laksh. πŸ™‚ To me you potray a maturity and wisdom far higher than your age – enjoy your young age…continue to remain as beautiful as you are…Happy Birthday. Love, UL

  3. Happy B’day A!!! I haven’t met you but still feels like I know you from Laksh’s Blogs and talks. Enjoy your day!!

  4. Hello Lakshmi Akka,
    Thank you very much for your warm wishes.I love being your SIL.
    Thanks everyone for your wishes.

  5. Hey Anila, Happy Birthday! Thanks for your leaving your comments in my space and being connected.Should meet some day and chat in Malloooo..right…

  6. Hi Anila, Wishing you many more happy returns of the day.
    Thank you for your lovely gift to vidhula and visiting us during your India trip.

  7. You definitely are a lovely, understanding and wonderful SIL for Anila. MY Belated B’day wishes for her too.

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