Winter wonderland

Anticipating icy weather this morning, I was all prepared to log in from home and work. Unusually, I had the TV on and the newscasters were droning on and on about the weather and traffic. It struck me that conditions were not as bad as it was portrayed though my deck furniture were growing nice icicles :). Rushing against time, I cooked, got ready and was at work by 8:00 AM. The drive to work was beautiful. On either side of the road, trees laden with ice, leaning heavily, glinted in the morning light. It was a winter wonderland of sorts.

Keeping my feet firmly on the ground in light of my recent fall in front of my house, I gingerly made my way into the office. I couldn’t help feeling awed by nature. Growing up, all I knew was the hot summer, the milder months not counted as summer and the monsoons. Coimbatore did boast an Autumn of sorts when the badam/almond tree leaves in our home would change colors and drop all through the day as did the Neem tree. Snow impressed me when I first settled into the northeast US. Ice is a different creature altogether. It clings to the roads and trees and is visually captivating and equally dangerous.

Who would have thought a decade back that I would actually get to experience so much wonder just around my house? Changing seasons? Check. Snow? Check. Ice? Check. Spring showers? Check. Fog and winding roads? Check. A hill station view from my backyard? Check. You get where I am going with this right? I am just in one happy mood and everything seems beautiful right now.

Have a lovely day!

3 thoughts on “Winter wonderland

  1. Haha.. I have to admit you are rather chirpy for such icy weather. My mood on the other hand is inversely proportional to the cold outside. The colder it gets the more depressed I become.

    @Rekha: It depends on which side of the bed I get out of. I think that day I woke up feeling chirpy and even the weather couldn’t put me down 🙂

  2. After shoveling all that heavy snow for 15 mins this morning, and reaching work only to find out that Atul’s school is closed for the day, I am in rant mode Laksh. There are brief moments when I do step back enjoy the beauty, but mostly it painfully reminds me of the work involved.

    @Suman: I hear ya! I will be shoveling snow in Feb and am soooo not looking forward to it.

  3. Now that’s what you call being positive! Even I love winters(apart from the fact that we don’t get snow here),specially in the afternoons when there’s chilly wind blowing along with the warm rays of sun. Makes up the mood for a long walk by myself and my favorite songs. 😀
    The only bad part of winter is that I hate getting up early in the morning! The cold and chill makes me want to stay inside the comfortable quilt all day long!

    @Shalu: Tell me about it. Nothing like sleeping in on a cold winter morning.

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