I violently agree

with this post at Savadati. 🙂

I nodded my head all they way through and thoroughly enjoyed such a well expressed view.  Hop over there for a refreshing take on gender equality.

3 thoughts on “I violently agree

  1. Gosh! What an eye-opener! Nobody would have actually thought this way! We are so used to cribbing about the “females” having gender issues…this blog is really ‘refreshing’ as you say.
    “I wondered if a male friend of mine would ever get uncomfortable if I admitted to loving WWE Raw or death metal music. Of course not.” I so have to agree with this line! I have actually made a lot of guy friends because i love football and am into rock music.
    Kudos to the blog and the writer!

    @Shalu: I know. Some of the posts are very thought provoking on that blog. Like you say Kudos to their effort.

  2. If a guy likes carrying purses and reads women’s magazine,Ladies stay away from him.He is around you for JUST the magazines.

    @someone: LOL!

  3. Back home, I have an almost fixed day to day to routine one can imagine (sort of frog in a well in a way) and it suits us in all respects ! Every time I visit US I get lot of time to read and also meet many people and face different situations, enabling me to know more about what is happening. I invariably get astonished and amazed at what I come across. Honestly, proper understanding between all individuals, right word and deed at right time, is what is needed for a peaceful society. I hope the younger generation will show the right path one day.

    @Ekr: I hope so too! I guess all we can do is hope.

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