Back to school!

Few things are as exciting as back to school after a break. Rushing to get ready for work, I laid out not too casual clothes and debated between a slip on shoe and my new black ones. Picking up my bag I noticed K had kept my car keys right where I would look for it. Waving bye, I left a tad earlier than him. On my way to my office, I couldn’t help feeling the slight excitement. I know by 5:00 PM I would be ready to call it a day and head out to my class where I can hang out with my class mates, swap notes on the holidays and crib about grades. 

I am yet to order one textbook and I shop around looking for the best deal on it. Going back to class brings with it a certain newness, a fresh expectation and the feeling I am well and truly on my way to becoming a manager. 

6 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. Good for you Laksh, and best wishes. Email me with the book titles, I will be happy to pass them along if I have them. I think you have my mail id.

    @Suman: Thank you Suman! Managed to get all the texts I needed off Amazon. Will check with you again at the beginning of next term.

  2. I am excited for you Laksh, yet again. best wishes for this term. God bless.
    when do you complete? let God start working on the interior design of your office!

    @Shy: Thank you! I complete Sep ’10. Long way off!

  3. Ah Glad to see the enthusiasm again:) All the best for the term.

    Just yesterday, a friend and I were cribbing about how the holidays are over and the whole drill starts again. Here you are putting us both in shame:)

    @Sachita: Thank you! I was cribbing too about getting back to work. School seems to be different though. Let’s hope the enthu lasts the next 18 months! 🙂

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