No expectation. No disappointment.

Sitting in the backseat of a sedan crammed with two kids and two of my girlfriends, I had no expectation from the movie we were rushing to watch. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. One of those cloyingly sweet Yash Chopra movies. I used to like Shahrukh Khan before his lip quivering, hyper acting roles. I looked forward to the day out with friends and in some sense enjoying my freedom from books and the routine. I had read the reviews and knew not to hold much hope for the movie itself.

Settling down in the center of the last row in the theater, I adjusted myself to the semi darkness and enjoyed the sight of the two small kids who were such avid bollywood fans. Dipping their chips in nachos they kept up an incessant chatter that had me smiling most of the time.

The movie began promisingly and I totally enjoyed the first half. As predictable as it was, there was something heartwarming about the tale of love within a marriage. I loved the fact that the costumes were natural and for most part Anoushka looked the part of the newly married woman trying to come to terms with her tragedy and the feelings for the stranger she was bound to. I enjoyed the parodying of the “Raj” like characters from all of Yash Chopra’s earlier movies. The movie was self deprecating and I loved the inside jabs and the exaggerated characters. There were a few scenes the movie could have done without and if one overlooked the basic question of how Taani ji did not realize the two men in her life looked identical it was fun.

In all, if you are looking for a time pass afternoon with a story that has no villains and a simple sweet story, then Rab Ne fits the bill.  As an aside, I think Shahrukh really did act in this movie, his body language and the attention to detail was evident. Anoushka looks refreshing and Amritsar looks nice. Check out Neha’s review here which I am in total agreement with.

2 thoughts on “No expectation. No disappointment.

  1. entertainment just in time for you to celebrate end of term.!
    I have a feeling that I will like it; just plain simple M& B type.I don’t necessarily like movies with lots of special effects;sci-fi is not cuppa,not star wars/harry potter even Lord of the Rings. keep it real guys!

    @Shy: I love the erstwhile Visu movies and balachander movies for the same reason. Solid stories and more importantly things I can relate with.

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