From Madras With Love

Reaching home late last night after class, I ran upstairs to change and find something to eat. Rushing through everything my growling tummy propelled me downstairs. An array of containers met my eyes. Sweets, savories and cherished memories from Madras. See, my amma and SIL and niece are back from Madras. While I was sitting in what seemed to be an interminable class night, K had driven to the airport with bro, dropped them home, feasted on juicy tales from home and the said sweets before coming to pick me up. Amma in her usual generous self packed away “my” share of the goodies which was now gracing my kitchen island.

Biting into a badusha with hardly a glaze on it (just the way I love it!) I was drawn into a wellspring of memories. Growing up sweets and snacks were reserved for festive occasions. On a regular school day we would come home to the smell of dosas wafting through the windows or the smell of rava being fried in ghee for the simple upma. The murukku or seedai from grand snacks happened only when an occasional guest decided not to come home empty handed as is tradition. We would politely wait for them to leave before ripping open the sealed plastic cover and digging into the goodies. Sometimes, we would even break it open to serve it to the guest before helping ourselves.

Ever since I moved away from Madras, these deep fried golden nuggets hold even more of a charm. Once every year when we visit or someone from home visits us, the first few days we reach home to find our snack cupboard overflowing. Kaapi and snacksΒ  make for a nice way to relax and unwind after a day’s work. Within a week, it’s almost always gone and we treasure the last pack till the last bite.

So, this week through the next, I look forward to the evenings, the snacks and amma cooked meals.

12 thoughts on “From Madras With Love

  1. I love Badusha without much of glaze too, so much so that Mom used to order it for Diwali just for me.

    There is a north indian sweet stall right next to my house now:)

    @sachita: wow! badusha was exactly that for me king of sweets. very rare and enjoyed all the more for its rarity. Where do you live to have a stall right next door??

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy the lovely mom cooked meals. When we get the goodies from India, Sarita and I make two equal parts so that no can complain!
    I end up meeting my part and steal some Sarita’s stuff -:)

    @Shripad: Smart move! Sarita probably is humoring you πŸ™‚ Stop by sometime to partake the goodies.

  3. ummm….yummy!! i recently had gone for my cousin’s marriage…since then even i have been digging into muruku and laddu… πŸ˜€

    @Shalu: πŸ™‚ Am sure those are long gone by now.

  4. Remember us when you eat those goodies..for your own sake:)). I can give up meals for snacks both sweet and namkeen..
    enjoy laksh!

    @Shy: Will do. me too!

  5. Hey laks!

    How are they doing? Enjoy with the snacks and amma πŸ™‚ My parents and sister also landed safe yesterday. STill waiting for them to open the suitcase so I can dig in πŸ™‚


    @Laks: Hope you are having fun.

  6. I have been feasting on all kinds of stuff for the past 10 days.. Especially kai murukku and seedai from Grand sweets, adyar ananda bhavan and ranga vilas.

    @Rekha: I take it your parents are here?

  7. Hey Badushah is my and G’s fav sweet also.. Same pinch, I smiled when I read “waiting politely” for the guest to leave and it reminded me of my childhood where we did the same.

    @Deepa: Seems like we lived parallel lives.

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